A new chilly message

S.U. moved air defense pawns into the Venzuala area. A challenge? Maybe. Schoolyard antics aside, one must watch adversaries closely. A bird above? Better believe there is more than one. You see the finger tighten on the trigger, you don’t wait and guess what’s going to happen. Now, a whole new conflict. Hell.
When I look at all the various conflicts around the world, I can’t help but wonder when somebody is going to pull the trigger.
Then I listen to the guy with a handicapped kid who were treading water apart from each other for 13 hours. Isn’t this more important than me spending money to do things against another country. Maybe that’s why I feel like “checking out” of that bullshit. But, can we really checkout? Or do we trade one conflict for another? OK. Off to bed, my mind hurts.

I was just coming here to post this. The BBC has a pretty good video here.


Chavez is just trying to get his scare tactic mileage in. Once Obama wins and he loses his boogeyman he will lose a lot of scaremongering chips.
And I’m not saying I’m not afraid of him. :loco:

And for those of you who don’t know, Russian bombers are moving into Venezuela, on training exercises. I hope they are not lying about that. :astonished:

Chavez also severed diplomatic ties with the U.S. by yelling “get the hell out, 100 times” and expelling the U.S. ambassador. That’s nice of you, Chavez. You make Bush look sane and rational. That’s not a compliment.