A North Korea thread

Because smart diplomacy turned out to be really stupid…

It’s worth noting that the real evil in the Axis of Evil detonated its first weapon of mass destruction in 2006 while GWB was busy spending a trillion dollars chasing imaginary weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

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Bush gave us the Iraq mess -which promoted inestability in the whole region and gave us beuties like ISIS and such. Trump wants to otdo the guy and mess up Asia, hopefully sparking WWIII. War is good for business!

Taiwan will end up under the bus faster than the speed of sneeze in any scenario which involves strong tactics. We held on because of the war in the Korean Peninsula, makes sense we’ll be doomed for it too.


No argument about Bush and Iraq, but ISIS and the so-called moderate Jihadist groups were directly funded by Obama and Hillary Clinton in an effort to overthrow Assad in Syria.

Bush destabilized Iraq, but Obama and Hillary, with all the covert overthrows of North African countries aka “Arab Spring” (Libya and Egypt come to mind) did more to destabilize that region than Bush ever could have dreamed about.


Well, they didn’t start the fire but added gasoline to it. Anyways, the ongoing mess started when someone took the world’s good will and twisted for a personal vendetta… and profit. And that is not a US party prerrogative, it is an entrenched the power behind the curtain agenda, the one that benefits from warfare in so many ways.

So, if there are forces pushing now, with a more pliant , eh, strong arm leader, it is more a question of what will be done insted of if. Which makes one question: what about Trump’s relationship with China? Will it benefit him more personally to run directy into their worst graces by blowing up protege, eh, Beloved Supreme Leader? Or just blowing up the missile centers…hence sparking retaliation towards South Korea? The possibiities are endless…

Like Bush, it is a given Trump will not think ahead of what to do next after the fall, which is what has prevented so many from ramming a few high caliber rounds into Beloved Leader’s skull. S that is not an impediment to any idiocy forcoming. It is just a matter of form and grace. Or lack therof.

That Syria thread is in danger of going off topic. So let’s revive this one.

Seems to me The Donald is likely to cut a deal with the PRC. But first he has to show how tough he is. And South Korea of course has a stake.

What I see happening: something unacceptably awful happens in North Korea. South Korea invades with US support. China counter-invades. They meet at some point… and then the diplomats divvy the territory up right where the armies meet up.

There’s historical precedent for this. I figure both sides want a short, limited war followed by a more-or-less sustainable peace. The current cease fire lasted decades. Why shouldn’t this arrangement do as well?

China officially gains territory and shows its toughness, thus saving face. South Korea gains territory both officially and in reality. North Korea is finished and no one will miss it.

Of course it won’t last forever. Nothing does. This avoids a much larger war, or at the very least kicks the can way down the road. Good enough.

`Nuther scenario: US and South Korea destroy all the Nork nuke and missile sites, prepare to invade. Beijing makes a big stink. The Donald offers this deal: North Korea is banned from having any military forces and becomes a protectorate of China, but US and SK have the right to frequent inspections.

The Kim dynasty would have a hard time surviving such a loss of face. China would enforce a Communist regime, but the locals would keep giving them grief. Eventually they’d get tired of dealing with all the unrest, and be ready to make more concessions.

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If the fate of the world rests in Ronald the Donald’s hands things should go just as well as his domestic agenda has so far.

Weren’t some people on this board saying that Trump’s small attack on Syria was not going to have any impact on the Korean situation? I think those people should send a message to the communist party to tell them not to worry. I’m sure they’ll listen to the advice.

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Yes, indeed, It’s working beauuuuutifully. China is getting the message loud and clear. China “shocked”? ha. They’re still used to Obama.

The new sheriff is in town. Now for the kid-leader of the Norks, let’s see if he grows sober or continues to behave like a child.

Thanks for that IbisWtf

The Chinese army has reportedly deployed 150,000 troops to the North Korean border to prepare for pre-emptive attacks after the United States dropped airstrikes on Syria.

President Donald Trump’s missile strike on Syria on Friday was widely interpreted as a warning to North Korea.

And now China, left shocked by the air strikes, has deployed medical and backup units from the People’s Liberation Army forces to the Yalu River,

It seems like we’re gonna strike. I’ve wanted to see this for 20 years now. Wish I were back in the Army right now, everyone must be giddy with excitement.

Ummm… If the US attacks North Korea, what happens to Taiwan? Does China attack Taiwan as well?

China is very nervous right now, they ain’t gonna do nothing with Taiwan.

Trump will give them some time to rein in North Korea. He stated that he will solve North Korea if they don’t. Pressure is on them right now.

But no, we won’t be fighting China like in the 50s, totally different situation. China is also embarrassed by the NKs, they wouldn’t be standing by them, certainly not 100%.

The Norks are planning a 6th missile test. If China can’t prevent that, that’s when all hell will break loose. FOR THEM…BWA ha ha ha ha.

What happens to the North Korean people if they topple the regime? As much as the Korean people wish to unite the logistics of it is a headache. The north has zero infrastructure and their people are not exactly ready to assimilate into the world or even the South Koreans. The economics of it is a lot. Who will be responsible for these people if the Kim regime falls.

Reunification is a very major theme for Koreans on both sides of the border, very emotional issue. Old relatives, siblings, are still split by the Korean War, perhaps similar situation with some Taiwanese and China split relatives. The South will more than gladly take in North Korea. This is cultural, national pride. This is not a problem at all.

But for now, we may only be taking out nuclear capabilities, or the leader himself, perhaps not going in to defeat the country.

The south will not just openly take unification. My mother and half my relative are Korean. My ancestors fought in the war and many of my relatives escaped the north during war time. The older geraration mostly like this idea but most young people are not so quick to tackle on the problems of unification. 20+ years ago what you said would be true. Less and less South Korean are interested in unification and many now oppose to it now unlike before.

What would happen with foreigners in North Korea when war breaks out? I’m tempted to book a tour, just for the chance to get caught up in the excitement. I might even get my mug on telly.

It certainly is a better option than having an enemy at your front step. Didn’t seem too long ago when i remember the young people voting for Kim Dae-Jong Sunshine Policy around 2000, which was less severe against the North and hoping for eventual reunification.

I’ve not heard this. Current polls suggest most Koreans are for having nuclear capabilities being placed in South Korea. I can’t imagine the government not taking in their old foe because of the misguided opinions of young people. Young people are usually idealistic, not to mention selfish, but usually change their geopolitical perspective when they learn more history and life events, experience, etc. Governments are usually led by the sentiments of those who are mid-age and older. Give the young people time to grow up.

You’d likely be fucked or possibly held hostage for some leverage. There’s not exactly embassies there beside maybe china.

Go to North Korea and anything could happen. You could be jailed for spying.

That sounds nice, it has been a while.

I should mention that I’m (only) Australian. I would plan to go in and out of North Korea by train via Dandong.