A North Korea thread


eh, you gotta die of something. A nuclear fireball is probably no worse than a nursing home and a six-pills-a-day medication schedule.

Seriously though, I can’t see any nuclear war happening. Even if NK actually has a few fission bombs, it is theoretically possible to knock them out on launch. There’s no way of knowing how this is likely to pan out, but NK is nowhere near as powerful as they like to make out. If any war happens, China will almost certainly lend tacit support to make sure it happens efficiently. I really can’t see them attempting to sabotage a Kim takedown. The CCP are assholes too, but they’re well aware of the economic and PR consequences of wars, IMO.


Hard to imagine? You need look no further than…

Oh, forget it.


Does taiwan stay out of this?


It will mostly concern those six parties involved in the negotiation process and ganging up against North Korea: Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, US.

Japan and South Korea is on the alert for NK spies doing terrorism at public gatherings and Japan is wondering what to do with 57,000 Japanese living in South Korea.


The trump train anit the scenic choo choo that plods around an amusement park at 5kph. It’s the roller coaster, so buckle up (and bring a box of Depends if you need to).

Besides, where current policy was going, would only cause bigger problems down the line. You might not like the idea of addressing a problem, but between Clinton and Trump, either one was a case of Russian Roulette, Trump was a half loaded gun, is a half loaded gun. Clinton on the other hand, due to time, due to inaction was a fully loaded gun.


A little bit ironic as china is really proud of fighting with the North against the US as part of their history. A bit awkward, how do they explain that propaganda when they take action against North Korea?


It’s not like it would be the first time they had a conflict with a former ally.

Take Vietnam in 1979 for example.


Would the US call on taiwan for assistance if war breaks out? Can they? Is there any scenario that taiwan would get involved militarily besides if obviously North Korea attacks Taiwan?


Are they proud of it? Soviets asked them to do it. Americans killed were about 33,000. Chinese were 400,000.

We only lost because we had a Democrat President, who fought the war when our military was really really weak because he defunded it very deeply. And then after that wouldn’t do what was necessary to win and fired one of our best generals. Stupid Democrats. We won’t have that problem this time!

North Korea is the frankenstein created by Soviets and China. China, who’s trying capitalism to save its communism, or make it more valid, is ashamed of this Korean version of communism that grinds its people to dust and obviously isn’t working. They also got problems with Koreans running over their border all the time for a better life.

Besides, I don’t think we will be occupying, just taking out their nuclear facilities at first. If they keep acting up, we may need to take them out.


During the Korean War, Taiwan wanted to fight, but Truman didn’t let them for fear that China would retaliate. Maybe the same factor may contribute, but I doubt Trump will care about that if it ever comes to needing ground troops.

Why would North Korea attack Taiwan? It’s supposed to be China. It seems they risk angering China for doing that, whatever their strategy is. I doubt this.


Looks like a big deal:


[quote]The reclusive state has been working to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of striking the U.S. mainland and on Saturday said it had developed the capability, although Western missile experts say the claim is exaggerated.

Some experts believe it will be 2030 or later for the North to develop the technology. But KCNA said last week’s missile test put Hawaii and Alaska within range.

North Korea regularly threatens to destroy the United States which it accuses of preparing for invasion. (-- from reuters article above)[/quote]

It will be more than a big deal if Hawaii or Alaska are wiped off the face of the earth.


Oooh my. I bet the fat boy is quaking in his little boots. They might issue a strongly-worded condemnation if he’s not careful.

I can’t help wondering how they get telemetry from this thing. Do they have ships out there aiming antennas at it, in which case why isn’t someone engaging in a bit of maritime sabotage … or is the rest of the world helpfully providing satellite bandwidth and/or ground stations?


Like his predecessors, President Trump is too busy in the Middle East right now protecting the U.S. from Iraq’s and Iran’s weapons of mass destruction to bother with a minor distraction like North Korea.


I think if Korea does unify, it’s very unlikely to be a German style unification. The gap between the two countries is just way too vast. There would still be an internal border, and a long painful period of at least two decades where North Korea begins to develop.


I like #2 combined with #4. #3 is evil, and #6 is so stupid it may as well be evil.


I wonder, could China and the US make a bargain that goes like “we are withdrawing our support for North Korea, let it crumble to pave the way for reunification, if you don’t interfere when we take back Taiwan”

Would that be something both sides would consider?

Not saying that I think that this would be a good option, just thinking of possibilities.

For Taiwan, this would definitely suck in the short term. If China takes action against Taiwan, without US backing, I don’t think the resistance of the military and the people will keep up long. There would be a period of pain and adjustment to the new system, lack of freedom of speech etc., but at least Taiwan would not be destroyed during a prolonged war.

The people of North Korea would suffer immensely, though. Cornered, the regime would probably launch attacks against South Korea, Japan and China, but eventually they would be overthrown. The rebuilding and integrating the two Koreas could take decades, but at least there would be peace in East Asia in the long run.

If China and the US cannot come up with a solution to the N. Korea problem and the US under the “leadership” of Trump start military actions, I think we are all doomed, at least here in the region.


Target the decision makers:


Recently Trump declared when asked about the NK matter: it is all taken care of. Shudder, shudder…


I see CNN is preparing America for war on the Korean peninsula. It’s like Irag all over again but for a staggering death toll and ruined global economy. I wonder if Lindsey Graham will be in South Korea cheerleading …