A note about door frame pullups bars in Taiwan

As a test, I bought some pullup bars but as it turns out, I can’t use them at home. It’s the Iron Gym model that fits in your doorway and allows you to do stable pullups.

Here’s the thing I did NOT know: your doorframe MUST stick out of the wall for this to work! My doorframes at home do not stick out of the wall as you can see below:

And I’m guessing that some doorframes in houses around here won’t either, meaning the pullup bar will slide down as there is nothing to stop it when you do pullups. So I’m putting this up as a public notice in case anyone buys these. But I’m also selling the other two that I bought.

My loss, your gain. If you have a door that can hold these (with a frame that sticks out) then I’ll sell you one at cost: NT400. I’m not making any money on this and I only have 2 left for sale.

If anyone has any questions, then let me know. If anyone has any experience with these, feel free to share.

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Yeah, unfortunately this seems to be the main “style” of doorframe here in Taiwan. This is exactly why I didn’t buy one of those pullup bars, otherwise I would have had one years ago when I moved here.

Our apartment has door frames, but they look waay too flimsy to hold my weight, otherwise I would be interested in one.

So what are you going to do now? I am contemplating buying a “frame” type thing.

i think the frame trimming just keeps it from sliding down. The pullup bar actually wedges in the doorway between the plastic bar at the top of the door frame and the side bars on the side facing you. That’s what takes your weight. The door frame trimming doesn’t take 100% of your weight but it is necessary to hold it in place.

I’ll either just do pullups at my gym or buy a bar that screws into the wall. i want something my kids can use at home. if anyone can use one of these, let me know.

I have proper door frames that stick out so may be interested. Not sure when I’d be able to pick them up though.

Screw (with a few big screws, needs drilling) some wooden planks around your door frame … problem solved …

i have one left so if you want it, please let me know.

One of the best reasons to get one (if your door can handle it) is to do the frequency method of pullup development. The idea is to take half of your maximum pullup number and do sets of that number throughout the day. I and a couple of clients of mine have been doing this recently and we’re getting 50-60 a day easy and we aren’t very sore from it. But the strength really builds because of the increased volume you’re doing each week. The more you do them, the easier they become and having a pullup bar in your doorway is one of the best ways to do it.

Here’s a pretty good article on the topic: chadwaterbury.com/the-pull-up-essentials/

Where to buy pull-up bar in Taipei?

Think I need one that locks itself inside the door frame.

You can get them at Decathlon.

They’ll screw up your door frame if you keep them installed for too long, so make sure you take them off when not in use.

Also, if you weigh more than 180kg, I discourage you from using them. I had a minor accident that required me to replace part of the frame.

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This is why I don’t “workout” at home.

Just use the equipment in the gym.

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Just thinking it would be nice to have a spot to do a few pull-ups whenever walking past.

Costco Neihu has a “set” of push-up, ab roller and a pull-up door frame bar but I didn’t examine it closely. https://www.costco.com.tw/Sport-Fitness/Fitness-Equipment/Strength-Core-Training/Perfect-Fitness-Workout-Set-Ab-Carver-Roller-Pushup-Elite-Upper-Body-Workout-Bar/p/119575

Be sure to look online about general measurements and requirements because I last year I checked on my door frames and found I couldn’t use them properly so I never bought one.

That one looks like it has good potential. It uses your own body weight as a counterweight. No screws or pressure on internal door frame.



I have that pull-up bar and it works great! Got it at Costco when they sold it separately. I like that it allows for a wider grip than the one that wedge into the door frame. Can also use different grip positions.

However, as the OP mentioned, your doorways need to have a protruding frame/trim.

Found one at Carrefour NT$1452


I use this when I cannot go to the local gym. It works well enough, as long as you do controlled reps without swinging/kipping. Kipping will make it fall off, as the horizontal movement will remove the pinching force that keeps the bar on the doorpost.

My wife keeps hinting that I shouldn’t be going to the gym because of the current COVID situation, so I’m looking into bodyweight workouts to keep her happy. I’ve found one that seems worth doing: