A Pictorial Tribute to Lovely Linkou

How lucky we are in Linkou to have such splendid hiking options right on our doorstep! This is one of the most alluring.

Oh, how I’ve been kicking myself for living in Xindian for two decades and spending thousands of hours in those horribly natural, unconcreted hills and streams around Wulai when I could have been enjoying the lovely enhancements of the environment offered by Linkou.

WTF? I don’t know where Linkou is, but you seemed to be sincerely extolling the virtues of the place, whereas all I see in those pics are incinerators, trash, landfills, pig farms and pig shit. :ponder:

Sarcasm, methinks.
I used to go hiking/running in the hills up from the coast, through the golf courses and the abandoned bunkers. That was before it literally became a dumping ground for construction refuse from Taipei and Taoyuan.
The expressway and the incinerator on the water don’t help either.
Hardly a single nice area left up there.

I have many fond memories of bonfires on Garbage Beach.

Oh no, there’s much more than that. There are streams of household sewage and industrial effluent, mountains of scrap metal and MRT excavation waste, a power station, endless vistas of concrete, and all manner of other delights.

You’re not one of those environmentalist, anti-progress lefties who are incapable of appreciating all of this loveliness, are you, MT?

You state a gret case for living where you do.

I hope you are happy, thank God Changgeng hospital is close, if you after a nice hike decide to try to blow your brains out in joy over all the natural beauty surrounding you.

How much money can you get for recycling plastic bottles etc?

Where do you have to take it?

I saw an old guy on TV who set up a plastic recycling depot in his living room and he seemed to be doing alright. Plus it would be a great way to meet chicks.


Nice one, bob! great way to meet chicks (if you are into septuagenarians with overloaded scooters).

My favourite pic was the ‘pool of pig shit’

Omni, thanks for sharing your Springtime in Linkou pics. Got a good laugh from them.
Luckily, I don’t need to be too envious of your seaside Eden as there are quite a few similarly scenic spots near my humble abode in Chiayi County. Such are the pleasures of living on a subtropical island.

Gotta love Linkou. :sick: I spent quite a bit of time there at a Quanta laptop construction site. I ended up staying in Zhongli as much as possible and catching a ride. It was an utterly depressing place, not that Zhongli was a huge improvement, but I had more fun there. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Linkou is the windiest city in Taiwan (sorry Hualien).


For me that says enough - preferring Zhongli to Linkou - OMG!!! I have always considered Zhongli the butthole of Taiwan, seems I was wrong. :astonished:

Gosh, I was thinking of moving to Linkou. Cheap, new housing, brand new MRT, the vet’s got an office there, close to Xinzhuang. Why, on the news, Linkou is being hailed as the new Xindian. Even famous entertainers and CEOs/business people live there! Come on!

I understand that this thread is to express dislike about Linkou, but I don’t understand what makes Linkou any different from the rest of Taiwan. It looks exactly the same as most places outside of Taipei.

I think Linkou woukd be a good place to scavange for plastic bottles. I wish somebody would tell me where to take them and how much money I could make. Also, what is the procedure for recycling plastic bags and bottles into, say, hockey helmets?

You should show this to thyrdrail. She is quite adamant about the loveliness of Taiwanese buildings and their surroundings. :roflmao:

I go to Linkou for my monthly baibai :blush:

I can attest from first hand experience, however, that the hospital really isn’t that shabby. Pretty decent service and doctors…though one prick did shove a goddamned horse needle into my knee to drain some poisoned blood from it…only to stick it in the wrong goddamned spot. Then, to fix the problem, he stuck an even bigger goddamned horse needle into my knee. Other than that though, lovely service. Even had quite the flirtatious doctor taking care of my during my stint in recovery.

I can attest from personal experience that the courthouse in Linkou is shite and very far away.

great pictures

Linkou! Some parts of are nice – the entrance ramps onto the highway so you can get away, the bus stops for transport out, the sloping roads that lead away in all directions.

That whole stretch from Linkou over to Chungli and Pingzhen is about the worst part of the island, all told.