A place that does SMD component replacement

I was given a pioneer receiver, that was giving weird errors. I fixed it for now by heating the offending DSP chip with a blowtorch, but I read this is not a permanent fix and the error WILL come back. So I found a replacement chip (the one TI makes that replaces the old defective chip).

However like most electronic stuff it is SMD. I know there has to be people in Taiwan who can solder SMD stuff or have the equipment. Does anyone know of a place I can take this receiver to and have them replace it for me?

I found internet articles that tells of how to replace it, something about pre heating the board until it’s warm and using a heat gun to melt the solder off and then using a suction device to remove the old part, then coat the pins with soldering paste and then heat the part to solder it (meaning you don’t use soldering irons). I believe this is how all computer boards are made today, basically a machine places the components in the right place and then it is put in an oven to solder it.

I wouldn’t try it myself. There are tons of things to get wrong and soldering itself requires a good bit of practice rice to do right. The cheapest option I can think of is a cell phone repair shop. If you can explain the job they should have no problem.

If it’s a QFP chip, it’s relatively easy to replace. If it’s BGA, then it requires very specialised BGA removal.


The chip is not BGA (thank God), it just has pins along the perimeter of the chip, though the pins are very closely spaced.

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I know a guy in Taipei who should be able to do it as he did something similar for me recently.
But he will probably charge you around 2-3K.

I also know a repair guy for Hi-fi etc but no idea if he could do this kind of thing. You could take it and show him. (I posted his details in another thread):

2-3 thousand, I could buy the equipment to do it myself (or at least a hack version of it)… From the looks of it it’s a QFP package so it’s not that hard to replace.

It would probably be cheaper if it was not as difficult to do.

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Several shops in the underground Guanghua electronic plaza do stuff like this. Just look for open workshops that have microscopes, soldering equipment, and tons of electronic garbage on their tables ^^

I like SMD soldering, but unfortunately currently don’t have the equipment available. Maybe after I go shopping for my new lab I can do it myself again, and can help out fellow Forumosans.

2-3 thousand probably only get you a “hack” version of and got air soldering equipment. Like an unregulated hot air gun.

In the factory solder paste (solder particles suspended in a paste) is printed onto the PCB, then the part is placed into the paste, and finally the whole thing is out into an reflow oven to melt the solder. The hearing and cooling needs to follow a controlled timing, else you get all kinds of issues. But for replacing parts by hand, using a good hot air soldering station should be enough. If the SMD part has actual leads and not just lands (like your QFP), then a fine tipped soldering iron can sometimes also work instead of hot air.

I went to Guanhua. They do not have anything.

I gone to the 4th and 5th floor where they’re supposed to have electronic stuff, asked if they do any PCB soldering or have the DSP chip, they were dismissive and acted like they know nothing about PCB soldering or anything yet their shop says “electronic repair/amp repair/etc.”.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Guanhua is a retail place and they really don’t service anything. If you actually have a broken amp or receiver they’ll be happy to sell you a new one and give you the same story about how you have to pay 15,000NTD to send a defective guitar back to the states…

Also even though they’ve worked there for YEARS they don’t know anyone who knows anything about PCB. That’s the same building where on the 6th floor they do data recovery services…

Or maybe there are other guanhua outlets/buildings I missed? Seems all they sell are computer components and don’t sell anything new old stock or out of production. It’s definitely changed… I liked Guanhua when they were under that bridge… now they’re just a bunch of super expensive showoff stuff.

I linked Guanghua electronics plaza above - it’s underground. Where you went was probably Guanghua digital plaza - close, but different.

Yea, I keep thinking of that building close to Syntrend. That place is only good if you want to buy current production computer hardware. If it’s discontinued, they don’t have it.

Not sure if we have a wee misunderstanding maybe? Let me try to put it very simple:

The place you went is useless for what you need.

Try going to this different place nearby instead.

There in B1 or B2 I already got BGA components replaced. I suspect they can help you.

Sorry, I did not know about that place. I will check it out again.

Xining Market 108台北市萬華區西寧南路4號 in Taipei is the place that has guys that do board level repairs on stereo equipment. In fact, I saw an old guy doing some board level repairs two weeks ago.
The ground level is split into a traditional market and an audio equipment market. There used to be two huge floors of audio and computer stuff, now it’s down to one. The audio guys are throwbacks to over 30 years ago when this area was the heart of audio in Taipei in the Chung Hua market before it got torn down when the rail was put underground. It is still cool to walk around in. It’s like a dark old museum. The street next to the Sports Center, Luo Yang St,. past the beef noodle shops also has several places that sell electronics and audio gear and components. BTW, in B2(?) are meat retail and wholesalers, you can get frozen ribeyes cut to order on the bandsaw.

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I have been there years ago. They had a meat market underground and I was afraid to go in there because it’s all wet and stuff. The place felt grungy.

I could have a look, maybe hopefully even find the DSP chip. Right now because of the damned virus a lot of factories in China shut down so I wasn’t able to get new ones, but I found a Taobao seller who has take offs (he basically cut the chip out of the board with the board attached) and I will give that a try…