A place to BBQ

Any parks / places in Taipei with those little permanently affixed outdoor grills? I wouldn’t mind buying charcoal, but I’d rather not buy an entire grill.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen any of those. I was at several beaches on the E. coast recently but I don’t recall those BBQs being present, but, really, I wasn’t really looking. I do recall seing the 1/2 55 gallon drum set in the ground on numerous occassions. Usually surrounded by several red toothed men drinking the local brew. Guess I’ll pass.
Look at your local megamart, Geant, RtMart, etc, you will find a small hibachi style grill of aluminum with a grill. A one time use grill for sure. Hell, it works and is cheap as well as easy to carry.
When I’m traveling around in the mountains on scoot, I carry what amounts to a Taiwan lunchbox. These are available at most hardware stores and esewhere, They amount to a fairly large pot with a handle and lid. Inside are 2-3 smaller pots with or without lids for other things for lunch. I find them ideal for travelling and camping. Hell, I even made apple dumplings in one, one evening while camping far in the mountains on the North part of East-West highway. The wonderful odor attracted others from 1/4 mile away.
I guess, what I am saying is just improvise. The alternatives are cheap and readily available. Don’t expect to find those nice things found in other countries. Find the nice things here.

EDIT: BTW, I don’t try to find wood for the fire. I bought a small “cooker” that attaches to a small gas supply available almost everywhere. Easy and cheap. If you want the char just buy some and get the disposable grill.

Thanks. Yeah I just stopped at a Wellcome since I posted and they have a couple options all in the 400 - 650 range (depending on the quality / reusability). Also those personal gas stoves are pretty cheap. I think those were 500 or 600 and the gas cans only 125. Thing is I’m only going to be here another month and a half… so it seems a little dumb to buy a bunch of stuff I can’t take back. If I find some friends who also want to do a BBQ somewhere it might be economical to have 6 or 7 people split the cost of a grill, charcoal, and meat.

Anyway, I think it’d be fun. My apartment here has a kitchen but the day after I moved in the landlord shut off the gas stove because “it costs too much.” Funny how he didn’t mention that when he said all utilities were included in my rent. Apparently the “gas” utility is just the water heater. I kind of miss being able to cook.

Your still looking at the reusable options. Look for “disposable”. It’s a fraction of the cost.

Hell, PM me and I’ll loan you my little cooker. No problem!

An alternative is buy your charcoals, and you can buy the little grills from any supermarket or family mart or whatever. It’s just a disposable wire mesh grill… anyways just pile your charcoal on the ground (make sure it’s concrete or something that doesn’t burn, like don’t be setting them on wooden floor) and find some bricks or rocks or whatever to keep the grill up and fire away. We did this in the military…

Alternatively an unwanted pot, face basin works well too.