A Question for all you South Africans or Those who've Gone

What is the best way to get there (read Cheapest)?

What would you recommend for a ten day trip?

Is it easy to get around domestically?

Are there any good flight/hotel packages?

Are safaris worth the effort?

Is Chinese New year a good time to go (weather wise)?

Feel free to add anything else that would make my trip better.

Hey. I was there a long time ago, but the land hasn’t changed that much. The safaris are definitely worth it. The density and variety of wildlife in the good game parks is hard to believe. You could rent a car in Jo’burg and drive up to Kruger National Park, about 6 hours away. Then you could fly to Capetown, and check out that area’s beaches, culture, etc. Those two activities together would take about a week. The main factor to consider at all times in South Africa is security. It’s a very dangerous place and you need to be very well informed about the dangers and the recommended precautions.

DD is gangsta though. I bet he’s packin’ a gat and hangin wiv his massive.

thanks Big John

Personally not being one for rhinos, elephants and giraffes, I would earnestly recommend a drive up the East coast. Start in Cape Town. Move up throught Tsitikkamma and Storm’s river (in my opinion the most beautiful places in SA), Knysna, George, Plettenburg Bay, Jeffries Bay. Avoid Port Elizabeth unless you have an overwhelming urge to see the Campanile. Move to East London. Stay the night if you have to, but get out of there and head to the Transkei. Cannabis is cheaper there than cigarettes. Spend a day at Mazeppa Bay and another at Cozi Bay. Drive to Durban. Avoid most of South Kwazulu/Natal. It’s full of rednecks. Head to St Lucia. It’s also full of rednecks, but way beautiful. Go to Johannesburg. Take a flight outta there, do not collect R200. Hire a car in Cape Town and leave it at the airport in JHB. Preferably a hardy “bakkie” (truck), or if you can afford it, a 4-wheel drive. Flights out of Taiwan are always much more expensive during Chinese New Year. Best to visit SA in March/April when the weather is milder and the rates are cheaper.

Jimipresley’s plan sounds lecker. Total time, from Cape to Jo’burg, a good seven days to really stop and smell the roses, especially since getting carjacked on the road at night is a big worry. Then you could take a three-day tourist kombie trip to Kruger if you want to try and spot the Big 5.

and if you ever get pulled over by cops…ask them to escort you to the nearest station and continue questioning there…

my friend lost an Iphone, cellphone and R2800 AND then got arrested.

Kom, kom, Meneer Nege! That shit happens, but we don’t want to scare off the tourists!

oh yeah, and it would be a nice gesture if you take a wife or a kid to the new upcoming president…he likes collecting them:)