A Rainbow Family Gathering to be held in Taiwan in 2018 🌈


The ‘aging hippies’ thing is apparently a misnomer. Most Rainbowers are young and idealitistic. They want to dig shit-pits and hold hands in circles.

And this is the world gathering, brothers & sisters! We’re talking a few thousand gatherers, although the whole thing lasts a month so they will come and go. Lord knows what’s going to happen here, but it could well make the news.


It was a literal shit show a few years back. The nearby city was filled with them. Does anyone know where on the island it will be?

Also, a lot of them (actually, most) liked to brag how they didn’t spend money due to capitalism and hitchiked to the meeting spot. I’m wondering how they will hitch hike to an island :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And yes, this will definitely make the news if there are enough of them. And yes, it will be embarrassing.


Tramp steamer?


K-man be rubbin’ his donnies in anticipation. “Dirty Hippies Have Sex in a Temple”



Now the problem is: should I hope for them to set camp in the forests in yilan so that it will be easy for me to go take photos, or wish they’ll stay far from here to avoid additional levels of embarrassment?


Maybe we should try to set up a Forumosa booth or tent.


I volunteer to provide full-body henna tattoos (women only…men have too much body hair).


But on their FB page it looked like two weeks ago they camped in Daan park…wtf


I wanted to take some classes of tantra yoga… can anybody confirm if that’s the right place where to look for them?


There’s likely to be impromptu classes going on behind all the bushes. Just follow the shaking leaves.


This reminded me of this awesome documentary:


Is that one of your DVDs?



Shorter version of the previous video:


Honestly… Yilan sounds perfect for them… Not far from the capital but just country enough to feel enlightened


Not sure how I should feel about it…


It all sounds a bit unsettling to me. Charlie Manson is definitely dead, isn’t he?


You asked this question on the day of his funeral. Did you know about it, or is it just a creepy coincidence?


A very creepy coincidence. So, just as the fake media are reporting Manson’s ‘funeral’ a group of mainly foreigners calling themselves “the family” are converging on Taiwan. The K-man needs to get on the case pronto.


Are they likely to run around naked? I’ll alert the cops and TVBS.


Yes. The also have a lot of sex in public the first 2-3 days. Then after no showers for the next 27-28 days everyone pretty much lies in the grass playing guitars, complaining about babylon.