A Rainbow Family Gathering to be held in Taiwan in 2018 🌈

Facebook says New Moon April to New Moon May, which I interpret to mean 16 April to 15 May, more or less. No specific locations are given–apparently one has to register for a discussion group to learn this.

The Rainbow Family (f. 1972) is an informal network of hippies and hipsters, originally US but now global, that has attracted a certain amount of attention from law enforcement. Members have been holding monthly drumming circles in Taipei’s Da’an Park.

Anybody involved with this? Where will they be meeting and what will they be doing?

I have spent many a months at Rainbow national gatherings between 1992 an 1997. I am sooo very glad my days of running around the woods naked, covered in mud are behind me. It feels good to know that this will be going on under my nose and I won’t be compelled to attend. Ahhhh I cherish the change. got that shit out of my system 20 years ago. :slight_smile: I mean… they don’t allow beer. C’mon!

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Out of curiosity, what prompted you to join those gatherings?

I enjoyed the community and the survival skills. How many people can build an oven out of mud? I used to camp at Lovin’ Ovens. We were the bread bakers of the group. It sure beat being on latrine digging duty. One year it was my job to maintain the adobe toilets. When the population gets above 50k, it gets REALLY hard to maintain mud toilets.
The performing arts were often very good. Each camp had its own specialty, whether building a stage and putting on plays or diverting stream water to pipe into a cast iron tub built over a fire so dirty hippies could take a hot bath in the snow. Lots of great memories.

The scouts are out there looking for a site, as we speak. It seems to have been left a bit to chance, or - as they like to say - the rainbow spirit is being called upon to guide them. Once they have a site, with ample flat space and running water (not the easiest thing to find on this island), then word will filter out.

Latrine digging is fine, as nothing has gone in there yet…
Latrine maintenance, on the other hand …

See you there, Bree :smiley:

Aw hell. don’t curse me @Nuit. I don’t want to be the old hippie warning yuggins about the dangers of giardia and root fires

Attended one in Palenque for the equinox a few years back. Had a marvelous stream through the land that was meant for the event, a HUGE semi abandoned (wild) palm oil plantation. Gorgeous. Def alot of cool workshops. Great acroyoga.
Than they all migrated. Hehehe

How many do you suppose will come? A few hundred?

Fleas? Lice? Unicorns? You need to be more specific.

As for those other two species (or orders), unicorns don’t get fleas, but… cows get lice. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: So maybe, in the interest of cosmic harmony, you should, you know, telecommute.

I wouldn’t be caught dead at a Rainbow event. I’d be turned into organic hamburger patties before you could say “unicorn farts.” Those aging hippies are vicious. And I’ve inhaled enough patchouli fumes to last a lifetime.

Is this anything to do with the rainbow brotherhood or something like that? I remember many years ago a guy who lives in Hualien told me about a congregation of hippies hanging out in some village a bit in the North that Hualien.

Is it the kind of thing will show up on the news and make me feel embarrassed of being a foreigner in Taiwan?

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There are no “foreigners” at a Rainbow Family gathering. We’re all children of the Earth Mother.

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“Yes” would have been enough…

Are they going to do retarded stuff that will lure in the cops? I could go take some pics!


Careful! If they think you’re working for “the man,” they may try to bite you.

The one in Hungary they decided to hold it on someone’s private property.

So yes.

What if I get dressed like them? Do they move in herds? I could try some camouflage

You could try painting a marijuana leaf on your head and dousing yourself in patchouli oil. But you may hate yourself in the morning.

OK, so yeah, it is the group I heard of: