Rainbow Family Gathering 29 Oct-26 Nov 2019

Back in Taiwan.

Info from last year.

Hey @mad_masala are you going this time? :grinning: :rainbow: :peace_symbol: :heart: :dove: :poop:

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I think I will drive down there and the hippies can welcome me from the sides of the road and from under my wheels too:

@shiadoa is coming too

I thought Rainbow Family was some kind of anti-gay “education” group in Taiwan who co-opted the rainbow symbol for homophobic ends?

Naw, just a bunch of alternative lifestyle types. I’ve grazed this gathering a couple times. One time it was a few guys in tents up the coast, playing bongos, smoking weed, and slowly (or not so slowly) taking off their clothes. Not my scene for sure.

Another time was along some river in Hualien. More people at that one, but still not the kind of crew I’d usually hang with.

Never trust a hippy.

Can’t stop thinking of this reading through the explanation of the event.

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Where’s the dislike button when I need it? :frowning_face:

Surprised they would pick Taiwan over Thailand

Can’t smoke weed in Taiwan
Not legally anyway

Is it genuinely decriminalized in Thailand? I thought they were just taking baby steps for now.

It is clearly the overall trend worldwide, though. Slowly but surely, for better or worse. :2cents:

The hippies were right!

Some of them might have been kicked out of Thailand already. These third world countries are so “spiritual” until you get caught with weed/heroin/whatever.

I thought they kind of roamed around as a “family” and month-to-month to different locations

Well, that escalated quickly.

Don’t things usually escalate in Thailand though? :slight_smile:

I did have a bus driver pull a gun on a friend and me after we were put in the belly of the bus with the suitcases (more backpacks, really) on an overnight ride. We couldn’t sleep on the backpacks, so we chatted. The off-duty driver couldn’t sleep, so he told us to stop talking. When we continued at a lowered volume, he pulled a gun, saying “bang, bang! Ha ha ha! Bang bang!

So, yeah, I’ll agree with your premise :smiley:

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It’s the side comments here that sometimes catch me by surprise.

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