A reliable ranking of Canadian prep schools?

A girl I coached has impressed the right people at a hockey evaluation camp and has been offered a place at a couple of prestigious private prep schools in eastern Canada.

Her parents want all the information they can get, and reliable, independent evaluations would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.


To me, the Fraser Institute is pretty reliable and includes rankings of private and public. :laughing: I used the Fraser’s rankings out West to determine what school was the most appropriate for my family.

You helping to send some rich kid to Upper Canada College? :laughing: What’s next? An internship at Power Corp? :wink: :roflmao:

ontario.compareschoolrankings.or … s-2010.pdf

I know of the Fraser Institute’s rankings, but don’t trust them, and it doesn’t matter anyway because the schools in question aren’t listed.

Would I help send a rich kid to Upper Canada College? Hell yeah, why not?
A very good high school in Canada beats a very good high school in Taiwan, hands down, if for no other reason than the kids aren’t put through the rote memorization exam grinder.

Any other sources?

Doesn’t seem to be a lot out there. There is this website, which provides superficial information on the top 25 privates in Canada.


CD Howe puts out an extensive rating report, but unlike Fraser (where Private’s are invited to join), it seems to be mostly public based.

Well, the favoured school’s listed there. Guess they’ll have to sign up to access the discussion if they’re to learn anything more.