A repairman for my dryer

my dryer suddenly won’t work unless I give it a few good, swift kicks. The brand is “National” and I can’t seem to find info on google to call a repairman. It’s an older dryer so the sticker with the local phone numbers has worn off.
Anyone out there have any National appliances with a Taipei repairman number?


You can just call the operator and ask for the National brand (guo2ji4pai2) repair center numbers. That’s how I got it last time. Here, I’ll call for you.

2223-5121. You’ll have to call that and ask for the right number from there, depending on location and so on. E.g., it is 2309-1008 for the Wenshan district in Taipei.

Alternatively, a good many of the owners of yer neighborhood hardware stores do repair work.
The guy down my block comes out for plumbing, electrical, AND large appliance repair.

Thanks very much, the both of you.
I will call that number tomorrow. Also, if I ever wanted to use one of the neighborhood repair guys, what would the sign on their shop say in Mandarin? Just so I know what to look for.

Again, thanks. :slight_smile: