A Revolution in Swede Speed

Yeah baby…@US$750,000 per…I’ll need 2!

[quote]A Revolution in Swede Speed
BusinessWeek Online, By Matt Vella

Swedish automobiles have long been known as safe and steady, not fast and furious. It’s no accident you’ve never heard the phrase “Swede speed.” Right now, you’re thinking about boxy, safe Volvo wagons, handy in the snow and adept with the kids and groceries, not high performance roadsters.

Enter Christian von Koenigsegg, a 33-year-old Swede with fast dreams. And he’s got a former fighter jet assembly plant to bring them to life. Clocking in at 245 miles per hour, Koenigsegg Automotive broke the world speed record for a production car last year with the Koenigsegg CCR.

Since the first production car rolled off the assembly line in 1996, Koenigsegg has shipped ultrafast autos to the Middle East, Hong Kong, Eastern Europe, Russia, Britain, and Japan. Everywhere, it seems, except to the U.S., because Koenigsegg’s cars have not met stringent U.S. safety and emissions standards. (more at link)

Wait a minute…I’m not seeing any cupholders!

meh… bring on the veyron!!! :notworthy:

I love the exterior.

The interior leaves something to be desired. It looks like the result of a few hard hours work by a Swedish grandmother and her 8 year old grandson.