A-Shin's boy band called SHIN

I saw a cable TV show here last night that showed a new boy band in Taiwan called SHIN (

I wouldn’t call the group a boy band; more of a rock band. They play their own instruments, write their own stuff, and don’t dance like fairies.
I think there music is actually pretty good, especially in comparison to other stuff that’s out there (I’m still evaluating their second album, but their first one is good…)

thanks for the review, littleiron. let me know what u think of album 2 later. and this michael guy, do you know anything about him, bio wise. born where, speaks fluent, etc? How did he team up with ashin?

Curious, because a few bands in Taiwan seem to have a foreigner or a foreign looking dude as a drummer, ie, DINO in CHINA BLUE and now MICHAEL in ASHIN. Is this a trend? Interesting…

My guess is that Michael’s father was a black GI in Taiwan, his mom is Taiwanese. born here, raised here, bilingual, handsome. plays a mean kit too!

but i want to know the details. can’t find anything on websites anywhere. here in Canada, nobody heard of Ashin.

Sorry; don’t know much about the people, except the lead singer hasn’t led the most ‘clean’ life… maybe someone else knows more?