A Shipping tube

I need to ship something a poster sized tube. The post office doesn’t care it. The 9X9 store doesn’t. So in what part of Taipei has 15 stores that will provide me with a tube.


I’ve seen them in ordinary 文具店 wen2ju4dian4 (stationery stores).

Thanks dragonbones. What’s the chinese for shipping tube?

hai3bao4tong3 ‘poster tube’ should do the trick; or ji4 hao3bao4 de gun3tong2 ‘a tube for mailing posters’

Ha… whilst roaming around China last week was looking for the same item, couldn’t find anything so stopped in one of the hundreds of stores/plumbers and got a piece of PVC tubing, weight was not a lot more than a cardboard tube and much sturdier.

Maybe another solution :smiley: