... a silent place in Taipei?

I’m again temporarily stuck for legal reasons in this torrid cfukhole of feces, pollution, pests, screams and noise that is filthy Taipei.

Now on a repeat cycle of 2-3 days of crippling migraine followed by 1-2 days trying to drink and eat enough to get through the next migraine.

Anywhere SILENT where I can stay a few hours daily ? Must be in Taipei, I cannot leave as yet.
Cannot afford an expensive hotel, already paying two rents.

Please help. Please.

Try Taipei. It’s got an incredible amount of green space all around it and also along all the rivers which afford hours or biking or walking. Also a wealth of world class cafes and teahouses to relax in. You’ll also find the city a clean place, especially the subway which is civilized and spotless.

Yeah, try Taipei. Sorry you have found yourself somewhere else that’s so awful.

i am in taipei

You seemed to have missed the sarcasm??? :no-no: :no-no: :no-no:

That being said, I have never found Taipei to be as you have described. For the most part it is clean, their are decent parks that are quiet, and other pretty quiet places. Have yet to see the feces you have described.

Go park off in the Chiang Kai Shek memorial or the surrounding park. No noise allowed there.

You mean a hotel?

Dude, the city has 300km of bike lanes, a national park in the north, a massive tea growing and hiking area in the south, thousands of back alleys with cafes, and so on. Finding quiet is not hard.

  1. Tonight go to Gongguan MRT, exit and walk to the river. Then go left and walk down to Treasure Hill and explore that area, then head back and walk along landscaped river parks to the big crazy pedestrian bridge. It will pop you over to the Hakka Park which is close to Taipower MRT.

All lovely and quiet unless you can’t stand the noise of people biking by or playing basketball.

  1. Get off at Hongshulin MRT and walk for an hour along the mangrove swamps to Danshui. The views are outstanding in places. Just before Danshui you’ll see a collection of old brick houses. Go in and at the back is a gorgeous cafe overlooking the river. Sit in or otu and enjoy quiet and beauty.

  2. In the day take the MRT to Xindian. Exit and cross over to the river. In the mornings it is quiet enough here and you can sit and enjoy the fresh air, and pretty scenery. If you want more solitude cross the suspension bridge and just on the other side look for a secret staircase. Head up and explore the trails. Quiet and gorgeous views despite you being right on the edge of the city.

  3. Ximen MRT. I think exit 5 to Zhongshan Hall. Cafe on fourth floor. Lovely place to hang out and read.


thank you

in zhongshan right now, the noise in cafes and parks is unbearable
wull check the other pkaces

thank you

You could go to one of the universities. They should be pretty peaceful now.

Since you are in Zhongshan, head to Dihua Jie sec 1, No 67. Walk through the great Hakka Blue shop and head upstairs to the teahouse on the second floor.

How about the library? There’s the national central library across from CKS Memorial Hall, and then there’s the Taipei city public library on Jianguo across from Daan Park. If you want better atmosphere, go to the Beitou public library with its award winning green design in a green surrounding. All are quiet, and free. :sunglasses:

National Taiwan University campus (Gongguan MRT)
Xianjiyan Hiking Trail (Jingmei). See thedailybubbletea.com/2007/10/21 … ing-trail/
Taipei Botanical Gardens (Xiaonanmen stop between CKS Memorial and Ximen station)
Zhinangong (hills above). Brown line to Zoo. Maokong Gondola. Walk out parking lot and look for steps going up on left.

The mangrove trail off Hongshulin station is one of my favorite spots in Taipei. Go hiking on the Pipe trail I mentioned in the Day tour for tourists thread also works.

Is the brick house coffee shop you mentioned part of the 原英商嘉士洋行倉庫 Old British Merchant Cass Company Warehouse?

In that case… is it the same coffee place as this one… seems like it might be closing QQ


Same location, different cafe. Zhanglu must have closed and this one opened. I can see different interior design and seating outside. More stylish now in a very understated way.

Bali, on the other side of Tamsui is also very nice. Just walk a few minutes north or south of the ferry and there are beautiful little parks jutting into the river where you can sit quietly and just take in a really lovely river scene. I walked north yesterday about 30 minutes to this new hillside park that had the most astonishing panorama of Tamsui and Bali (ie, the sea, Taipei Port, Yangmingshan National Park and volcanic Guanyinshan).

When I really need some place and quiet, I go to Chongchen Temple and keep going up the trails. Easy 3 km walk up from Yangning MRT exit 2 to the temple. The scenery is awesome and at the temple there are numerous places to eat and sit outside on balconies overhanging the mountain and puts you right in the tree tops. I even saw a monkey one time. If you go by scooter, you can go way on up and go eventually to Xindian or split to the south and end up at Sanshia. I nice way to spend a nice day sitting and reading, Enjoying the fresh air and solitude. BTW, after you go very far up, there is a 7-11 and further is a Family Mart. That’s the last place to buy a bottle of water until you get to the temple. I suggest a small day pack with map and some supplies. There is some traffic up past the temple but not much, and numerous hiking trails. Actually, more like strolling trails. I rarely see anyone on these until Sunday when you will see a few people but not many.

I’d point out to non-migraine sufferers that any sort of exercise can exacerbate things. Your best bet is probably the CKS park, Daan Park, or the Dajia Riverside Park (north of Xingtian Temple), where you can find quiet, solitude, and importantly, a shaded place to get out of the bright sunlight.

The migraine info was not in the initial post.

I can’t find any quiet places in Taipei. Daan Park, the gardens in CKS and the Botanical Gardens are all more relaxing spaces than, say, the middle of Zhongxiao East Road but, honestly, I think they suck on the tranquility index because traffic and construction noise permeate throughout. I’m not complaining but I think the OP may be equally as sensitive as me.

I recommend:

A) Staying home

B) Getting out of Taipei completely or

C) Investing in some serious headphones.

I go running and cycling in the riverside parks 4 to 5 times a week but it’s the exercise that keeps me sane, not the (relative) lack of noise.

I’d just like to point out that going elsewhere than Taipei may not solve the OPs problem.

However, a good start would be to head up into the hills in Taipei or else Taoyuan, Hsinchu or Miaoli. Got to get out of the big city sometimes.