A South-African family was held hostage here in 1997


Thats some docu. Thanks for bringing it up . This thread should be added to the Bai bing bing thread already started before.

I’m addicted to banged up abroad. South Africans get banged up everywhere! Not just at home.

I’m reading McGill Alexander’s “Hostage inTaipei” at the moment. When I’m finished with it, any of you can check it out from Taipei City Library. It the biggest crime story in Taiwan of the last 2 decades.

Funny that before McGill got posted to Taiwan, he was asked, “Is there any country in which you would prefer not to serve?”, and he said, “we would rather not go to Taiwan” , because he thought S. Africa would break off diplomatic relations and he didn’t want their tour cut short."

McGill is a devout Christian, and in some ways it gets a bit too much for me in the book.


[i]“It is our prayer that those who read this story, if they are Christians, will be blessed and uplifted by the confirmation of God’s love for each individual and His faithfulness towards His children. If they are not Christians, then we pray that the reality of God’s love would become apparent to them from these events.”

“We know that a brutal killer eventually found peace for his tormented soul, and that we were delivered from a terrifying and life-threatening situation. For these things we give glory to God and praise to Jesus Christ.”

" . . .he phoned our pastor, Bill Martin (with news of them being held hostage), and they started a prayer chain that would circle the globe" . . .“As Christians heard about it, they phoned others” . . .“More and more Christians added their prayers, like links in a chain:and there would be thousands, perhaps millions of Christians and others . . . praying for our safe deliverance.”[/i]

For me, the documentary is great, and the book is just OK.