A strong coffee half an hour before exercising increases fat-burning

I have a hate a love relationship with caffeine. But it looks like it has benefits for fat loss as people expected.

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How about a strong coffee, then just doing nothing. Any benefits?

You do nothing much better.


Since I drink coffee all the time, I must be doing myself a lot of good.

I always drink coffee before going to the gym even if I have to grab one of those cold Japanese black coffees in a can from the convenience store,

Anything that raises the heart beat will cause some weight loss just by burning more energy by doing more work. Here the work equals the heart beating faster. Basic physics.
If you sat on your ass smoking meth in about a month you would be skinny as a rake, but not many teeth and your eyes would look like a puffer fish.

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An interesting question is, is it the caffeine directly or the increase energy making you workout harder?

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They were administered 3 mg/kg, so if you are 80kgs 240mg e.g. That is a very decent strength coffee, much stronger than my morning cup of motor oil.

IMO the “fat burning” effect is completely irrelevant. It doesn’t necessarily have any impact on how much bodyfat you’ll carry … which is what most people are interested in. Nutritionists don’t seem to comprehend that modifying the dynamic behavior of a system does not influence the setpoints that it’s maintaining.

With that in mind, I’d say the energy boost is the most important factor. You’ll work out harder, build more muscle (which helps you get to a lower BF%), and thereby get closer to your goals.

The methhead diet plan! Why has nobody thought of this before? :slight_smile:

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Isn’t everything just CICO. What ever you do to help you use more calories will help you lose weight. If for some reason drinking water gets your motor running, then you can say drinking water helps you burn fat. If eating 1 piece of candy is what you need to motivate you to get on that treadmill for 30 minutes, then you can say eating candy helps you burn fat.

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I do not like coffee, but I like the effects so I just take caffeine pills. Everyday 220 mg before I hit the gym, and I definitely notice the lack of energy when I forget to take.

Might also feel the effects of caffeine withdrawal.

Arent a lot of Pre-Workouts just caffeine anyway.

If im in the gym I want the best performance for that hour as possible, so make sure eat something carby before and have coffee.

maintains regular BM

You may have just reached the nub of why this study found weight loss.

Now we know that nutritionists are just idiots. What does it actually mean in plain English?

Say you have a barrel with a hole in the bottom with an (outgoing) flow rate of X. You try to fill it with a hosepipe, delivering (incoming) water at a flow rate Y. Where does the water level stabilize?

If you think about it for a few seconds, you’ll realise the question is unanswerable. The water level can be stabilized at any level you like … if there’s someone tweaking the faucet. If there isn’t, then the barrel will either remain empty, or it will overflow.

I wouldn’t know, never had a barrel with a hole in it.

Highly recommended.

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