A Totally Useless and Boring Peter Gabriel Thread

I was reminded earlier by a Facebook friend that I should be listening to the old Peter Gabriel stuff again. So I dug up my favorite song of his:

Then I went to my second favorite:

Which is about assassins and the distance from their victim.

I was reminded of Neil Young’s sublime, yet oblique reference to the JFK assassination:


I may get tangential and turn this into a Neil Young thread. Fuck, I love him. The most beautiful song ever written:

Gabriel dong “Biko”. Quite marvelous. I guess it’s not so astonishingly brilliant to people who weren’t growing up in apartheid SA during the 70’s and 80’s. It was art like this and the international pressure that it awoke that turned things around. Well, no, it was grass-roots activism, but this cameraderie certainly helped a lot.

A couple of my personal favourites:

Red Rain:

and Blood of Eden: