A True British Hero


What a wanker.

The clamps are there to discourage people from behaving like the Taiwanids.

I would have gone with a darker blue on the uniform. That thing’s going to show all the dirt.

As one who is totally in favour of wheel clamps, speed cameras, and anything else that can help us win the war against cars, I utterly condemn the mindlessly selfish, anti-social antics of morons like that, and hope he’ll be whipped off to the slammer double quick.

If I could only have the pleasure of being the magistrate or judge hearing his case when he’s hauled off to court, I’d give him such a bollocking and throw the book at him so damn hard he wouldn’t know which side of his underpants he’d put his other clothes on.

Plus, that guy could never hide from the police. With all that gold, all they’d need is a big metal detector.

On his website, go to “Picture Galleries” and then “The Playgirl Collection” … 'Nuff said!

Why hide?

“‘Ere, sarge’? Someone’s cut through this wheel clamp, must’ve used an angle grinder or somethin’.”
“Really, constable? And how would you recommend we proceed?”
“Er, interview passers-by, advise all units to be on the lookout…”
“No, constable. We phone him up and ask him to bring his angle-grinder down to the nick. Just tell him we’ve been clamped in the station carpark and that dumb shit’ll be over like a shot. With luck he’ll park in our yard and we can clamp him too - after taking the bloody machine off him again.”

What I would like to know is how BF came across the site.

Or was he handcuffed to the bedrail again and in need of some rescueing?


I dare say the reaction to clamping if introduced in Taipei would be similar to Angle-grinder Man’s.

double post

Of course as a magistrate or judge, you would have your very own parking space paid for by the taxpayers.

A British friend emailed it to me. :laughing: He thought I would appreciate it.