A way to get a train ticket refund?

Has anyone else bought a train ticket and then needed a refund? My collegue says that I have to go down to the station before the departure time to get the refund, can’t I just call them and go down to the station later?

Thanks to anyone who has more info on this matter!

I’m not sure if you can just call (I doubt it), but I have gotten a refund in person. You need to go before the train departs, and possibly X number of minutes before that.

I am almost possitive you can not call, if you got to the counter before the departure time they will refund you minus a small fee (I’ve done it, very easy) As for if you do it after the train has left ie you missed your train, they still might refund some, they do in other countries, I have never tried that myself, but when you go in to refund your ticket ask for us :smiley::smiley: and report back :wink:

You can still use your ticket even after the departure date, though you won’t have a seat reserved, so if it’s a trip you’re going to make in the future, maybe you could just keep the ticket and use it then.

I have borded the train with old ticket and and was just charged 60NT for a trip that cost 180NT.

So they refound some.

thanks for the tips, it seemed like too much trouble to go for the refund so we just went ahead with our plans.