A Whiskey Recommendation


Yeeeee Haaaw! You don't have to ask me twice.


I could remind you if you like...but I similarly have a recollection problem.




We have a lot (over 50 single malts) if you want to sip in a bar environment. Not sure on the current availabilty of Oban though, we've had difficulties getting stock. It was pretty popular. Cragganmore we definitely have current stock of. Sandman, I posted a list somewhere on Forumosa of the malts we have but I am crap with computers...feel free to post the link if you can find it.

We also used to have Midleton which is also no longer available here and I can say with certainty that one of our worst customers, hexuan, had the last of it. I had to get it for him as he claimed he was broke at the time :smiley:

I have a particular fondness for Scapa.




glenmorangie is a favorite scotch, smooth, i haven't tried a whole lot though.

favorite spirits though is barbancourt rum from haiti. heaven straight on ice. mother's milk.


My favorites whiskeys (whiskies):

Single Malt Scotch: Glenrothes, Glenlivet, Glenmorangie
Islay: Bowmore (Laphroaig is a little too extreme!)
Blended Scotch: Chivas Royal Salute
Bourbon: Woodford Reserve, Makers
Tennessee: Jack Daniels & George Dickel (there are no others)
Rye: Old Overholt
Irish: Jameson or Bushmills
Canadian: Crown Royal
Thai: Mekong!!!!!


Yes! Barbancourt - the best rum in the world!

My favorite spirits (non-whisky):

Rum: Rhum Barbancourt
Tequila: Herradura Anejo
Gin: Bombay Sapphire
Vodka: Grey Goose
Brandy: Martell XO


having been in Taiwan only a few months i've only managed to try a few whiskeys. Ones i particularly enjoyed were:

Glen Monson($800 for 1.5l!, bargain, quite a strong refined tate with a smell that reminded me of vanilla custard.)

Drumguish(Available in all friendly 7-11's! I thought it was lacking, quite a good after taste tho.)

Teachers Highland Cream( A bottle my father sent me as a present, Awesome taste, quite sweet, but grainy smell.) Im running out of adjectives!!! :laughing:

And last but not least, Clan Ben, Horrible, tastes like burnt bread!!

Anyone else tried these so far?


Ive got JW Blue cuz its soooo cheap at the airport duty free.

Makers is kinda of sweet I think...

I really like Bowmore from Islay and its pretty cheap from overseas like 30ish USD...

Single malts had better be balanced for me, often times I find them rather strong in one way or another like too peaty or


Sorry, chichow ... not trying to be rude, but I personally think that JW Blue is overrated, overpriced crap. Its usually drunk by guys who drink alcohol to try and be cool. Normal people stop doing that when they stop being teenagers.

I worked at an up-market night club when I was at university for a long time and I used to get that all the time. Guy staunters up to the bar, struts a pose and shouts for a JW Blue ... and then looks around to see who's watching him. When they got their prize they would exclaim vociferously how amazing it is, and then proceed to add water to it!

Once again chichow, this is not an attack on you (and I probably spiced the story up a little for effect) but their are so many men who drink to impress and I think its shocking!



thats ok. i think its alright for a blend and again the price at CKS can't be beat.

and i actually just drink it at home or with the occasional taiwanese (who like the brand i know i know)

I WOULD not pay for it at bar prices...no way :loco:


I'm no expert so please don't laugh too hard.

Scotch - 21yr old. Glenlivet cuz my friend insists on it.
Bourbon - Blanton's ... again cuz another friend insists on it.

Apparently, both are on the higher end. shrug I bring a bottle of each back here for them... upon pain of death if I forget. :sunglasses:


The traditional method for drinking whisky is to add a splash of water to it to allow the bouquet and flavours to "come out."
But JW Blue is not at all nice IMO. Use it for mixed drinks only if you're unlucky enough to have some.


Yes, that is traditional - but....if you're going to do that, why don't you judt throw some soda in it blleeetch!


Both are excellent choices in my humble opinion.


There used to be a guy named BBC who posted here


I'd had to give three thumbs up to the Macallan 12 yr. It can be purchased in Taiwan at some 7-11s. And I did see the 18 yr at Costco.


It definitely gets my vote: It's like that one lover that, no matter how many others you've had, you keep coming back to.


About how much is a bottle of the 12 yr.? About NT$ 1,000? More? Less???


Its NT$1185 AFAIR. Worth every penny.
If you have less money you could try a bottle of Grouse. The best blend on the market.


Thanks, Sandman. The price sounds right.

I guess I'll just have to buy a bottle of each and try 'em both. Summer's a good time for a bit of whiskey, right?

Thanks, again.