A Whiskey Recommendation


I occasionally drink whiskey and prefer single malts over blends. I noticed a blend in my local supermarket that I hadn't heard of called Black Diamond. The main reason I noticed it was because the packing is decent and it was only NT199$.

After sampling it last night I was pleasantly surprised. Its quite smooth and tastes really good. I'm not going to get into the individual tastes I experienced as I'm not a wannabee whiskey expert.

Although it doesn't compare with a much more expensive single malt, its definately worth trying because of its price. I haven't been able to find anything out about it online. Has anyone else ever heard about it?


p.s. info on other good whiskeys would also be great! :slight_smile:

Omar Whiskey

You're talking Scotch Whiskys.

May I reccomend you look into a Kentucky BourBon.

Jim Beam at the entry level. Early Times, Evan Williams at mid-level (I like it) and Makers Mark, Ancient Age and a few other "small batch" distileries at the top end.

Taste and enjoy!

I would advise not trying this marque w/out great experience.

Distilled in Kentucky, bottled in France and available at my friends business in Tainan.


You can't go wrong if you stick to the stalwarts. Chivas, Jack, and Beam.


Thanks for the tip, if you can find a pic on the net that'd be great help, does it have a Chinese name (some have ...)?

I personally prefer Irish Whisky, best I've ever had so far is Midleton's:

Great stuff!! As for Bourbon as suggested earlier, I've also had pleasant experiences with a bottle of Maker's Mark

and a bottle of Elijah Craig 12year old which I remember buying because I liked the shape of the bottle, but ended up enjoying its contents quite a bit, too:

Its sold as an 18yo as well, but in a different bottle ... :wink:

Saw this latter one on a recent visit to the off-license on Zhong SHan N. Rd. Sec. 7, so it should be available ... Thank , Xpet.



Mix it only with a bit of good cool water. Sip and enjoy.

For pics - Here is a very complete BourBon listing - Kentucky Bourbon Online



The Middleton is a bit out of my price range :blush: , but if you would like an Irish with a less scary price tag, I would suggest the Bush Mills 10 year old single malt. Very easy to drink with a nice vanilla tinge.

For Scotch, I tend to like the Islays. Many find the Laphroaig 10 year old single malt to be a bit over the top but think its a great whiskey. I recently gave a couple of bottles to my father-in-law to try to convince him that there is more to whisky than Johnnie Walker and Chivas Regal.

PS - Scotch = Whisky
Irish = Whiskey

I have no idea why.


Black Diamond is not whisky. Its French grain spirit made with whiskies sold off cheap by Scottish distilleries. The stuff is usually very bad indeed (hence the give-away price) and made from stuff that the distilleries cannot sell at home at any price.


jameson 12 year old is a great irish whiskey ... recently hard to find in taoyuan - used to be available.

no mention of rye yet - crown royal special edition is quality.

alberta springs was good as a cheapie, but you'll not find it in taiwan.


I have to agree, Jameson 12 year is a great Whisky but diificult to find in Taiwan. However, if I am not mistaken the Duty free in Taiwan's International Airport has them for NT$1000 which is a lot cheaper than back home and it is the big bottle :wink:.

Also, a standard bottle of Jameson, which is fine drink in its own right, is availabe in Welcome and Tesco for around NT$500.


I drank a lot of this stuff when I was in Japan. I liked it with water.


This stuff pairs well with a felony, I've heard.


Gah! Ahhhg! That bottle of Rebel Yell almost blinded me! (brings back some memories


Elegua, you have impeccable taste in booze but you can't spell 'em worth a damn! :laughing: :wink:


Thanks. But have you seen my normal posting - I really, really, really need spelling cow to come back.


Right, the standard Jameson is a fine "everyday" drink and available at Carrefour for little money, con't remember how much though.

Yeah, the Middleton is a bit steep, but worth it. I had one brought over by a friend, sadly only the nice wooden box is left now ...

I haven't seen the 10 y/o Bushmills single malt in TW so far, if you know where it's on the shelves pls. post it here! Thanks, Xpet.


Just checked back after my original post ... its obvious that everyone has their own preferences, and so do I.

I agree with the above post. If I drank one drink every day, it would be Jameson's. Triple distilled and unpeated - can't go wrong. I'm also a fan of single malts though - Dahlwinnie, Balvenie and Lagavullin being my favorites there (sorry, I'm sure I spelt some of those wrong).

Are there any places that stock hard-to-find brands around?



Dalwhinnie and various Balvenies are always available at the "Drinks" chainstore (logo is a red barrel, they're all over the city). Lagavulin I'm not so sure. If you like Dalwhinnie, you'll probably also like Oban and Cragganmore, also usually available at Drinks.


So far three reccommentations for Maker's Mark. I'll look for it.
I'd also like to try Rebel Yell just for the name.


Rebel Yell is difficult to find. It used to not be available north of the Mason-Dixon line, but now is. I found a place that could get it while in San Diego... but didn't have it in stock when I was there. I will try again when I go to Pittsburgh in July. If you really want to try it, let me know. TpeBob and hexuan have both tried and liked it, quite a bit. I think The Gumper also tried it... but, my memory of that day is a bit unclear.

It is the preferred drink of southern gentlemen. Its also Keith Richard's favorite.