A380 lands in Taipei

The A380 lands


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these vids shows the interior:



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Beijing hasn’t objected yet?

The flight I was on from Tokyo to Taipei on Saturday pulled up to the terminal immediately next to the gate where the A380 was parked… We were in a JAL 747 and the A380 right next to us was just massive in comparison, it totally dwarved the 747… It’s tail section alone has the kind of height and area you’d usually associate with a 10 story apartment building…

one very impressive airplane… :notworthy:


(Noticed the bird in the 2nd video?)

yup my friend did say the beast parked right between a CAL 747 and a JAL 747

Why would Boeing object?

Airbust isn’t going to deliver A380’s until 2009…err.2030…err…2011.

Boeing is selling 787’s like fried ice cream at a county fair. Also 747-400’s, the new 747 Dreamlifter just got certed, Aeroflot just bought a bunch of 787 Dreamliners. Boeing is doing extremely well.

Airbus is not. And I firmly believe that competition is good for all. Thins out the herd.

I wonder why they bothered to bring it to Taiwan at all – neither of the carriers here is the least bit interested in buying it, according to the report I read.

They are probably testing the airport (gangways, space etc.) for other carriers that may fly in with the A380.

They just bought 5 of them …

Did they? Which carrier? That’s a pretty quick change of heart. I saw the report just on Saturday I think it was.

Local carrier or off island?

Just pulling your leg … but they will have to put some on their busy routes to the US and Europe perhaps
The Dreamliner is not the answer for future international air traffic, landing slots will be at a premium the moment China and India will fly abroad and domestic full steam … the 380 has to be used to serve the big hubs, the 350 and Dreamliner serving hub to point of destination … the 380 can be used be used for cheap transport in a higher seat configuration by low cost airlines in China and India …

Singapore Airlines is he first customer scheduled to receive the A380. They are to receive the A380-800 with the Trent engines.
When they are coming…nobody knows.

One of the Saudi clients for the A380 is looking into packing as many as 1000 paxs into the plane.

No problem:

Or like this:

Super Jet could fit 1000, says maker

wtf are the TPE Air Control Tower saying?

especially that girl

I know, I couldnt understand what the ATC and Ground were saying?? They have to send some Engrish teachers over there in a HURRY. !! Emergency.

English proficiency is extremely important. ATC and Pilots not understanding each other has already resulted in several accidents. Notably the one with the Russian school children and the cargo jet for one.

oh , by the way Tainan Cowboy, the dude said why didnt BEIJING object, not Boeing :sunglasses:

Because we havent heard of any demos over in the big C and the little T got one?

Thats not gonna make the big C happy is it? Especially since they are setting up an Airbus assembly line for the A320.

I think CAL will most likely be a candidate for the 747 800 and 900 series. Especially since Lufthansa has bought a bunch of them already. And I think that perhaps later on, if the A380 proves a success, CAL will buy a couple for the heavy routes. EVA, I think are going to be heading more towards the 787 when that one proves a success with customers (Taiwanese airlines dont want to be a guinea pig for new jets). EVA probably prefers more flights to more destinations with less need to load up a huge jet. I may be wrong of course, who knows? Just a guess.

MY buddy who’s wife works for CAL maintanance at TPE said that they did a 2 hour demo flight with all top executives of all six TAiwan airlines plus top Taiwanese aviation officials. Bringing it to the people who are not considering it is an excellent marketing plan. You dont have to convert the converted.

And yes, the trip is part of the global trials of the A380 inself and its important that it fits in at TPE because airlines who have bought the plane already will fly it there (SQ for example, will likely use it for TPE to LA , and so will MAS ). And actually showing TPE’s ability to handle the jet is better then just explaining the theory.


Why would Boeing object?

Ha. Freudian something. :wink:

What I want to know is why the maker of the tower video chose to dub some lame rap music over the roar of the thrust reversers. Hmmm, maybe there are no thrust reversers. Or maybe it’s all a sham and there is no A380!

i didnt like the rap music that much myself. As for the thrust reversers you can see the cowling on engine number two open up (for reverse thrust), but strangely not on engine number one. Could it be that it only has or needs reversers on only two of its engines?