AAARGHH bad doggggg

One of the five dogs got on the living room table and tore up my sketch pad with many drawings, my APRC and my drivers license. AAAAAAAAAAAARGH.

I wonder if those places are open during Chinese New year…propably not.

APRC replacement = 1000 nts

driver’s license = about the same

unconditional love = priceless


keep the torn pieces… b the way, how did he tore the APRC? if it’s paper, it’s invalid anyways… so he did u a favor! :thumbsup:

Sorry, Ms 9, but I had to giggle! :smiley: Doubt those places are open. Maybe tomorrow?

hehehehe no, it’s plastic. It’s all crumbled up…it is funny in a way. Let me take a pic for you to enjoy:)

Hoo hoo! Your APRC looks tasty!

Well, I’ve had problems with one of the cats chewing up cables, but that’s not quite as bad I’d say… most cables are at least reasonably affordable to replace, although I was mighty pissed off when she chewed on my notebook power adapter cable…

Our sharpei once ate a wad of twenties, nothing but slobber was left to tell the tale-- wasn’t funny at the time either :slight_smile:

darnit…in that sketch pad were some pictures of logos I made for companies and a picture of Aydan Uysal(a Nike dancer) that featured on her website.

oh well. Off to cuddle with the critters. Nothing like getting under the blankets to watch a movie with my loveys.(I won’t mention the holes in the blanket and couch…)

oh wait I can show it!!

and chewing up my ankle weights…now I know what’s inside
Funny thing…I’m sure it’s not the puppy that starts it…he’s just too dumb to move away from the mess when they hear my scooter.

Funky front paws!

Edit: funky hind paws too!

Er, guess I coulda just said funky paws.

He’s soo pretty. And has the coolest lines around his eyes. He’s up for adoption (but no way I’d post these pics in his adoption thread hahaha)

I hate coming home to those surprises. Does look like they had fun with the hard plastic ID card. Gives me some ideas for FUN toys! The people who fostered the cats before me trained them to tear paper. That cost me a few bob, but nothing like a handful of twenties. I think I have broken the cats of that one, though the dogs gleefully await mail delivery, which, for whatever reason, is put in the slots of the gate down low where they can reach it (and there is no plastic sheet) about half the time. I collect shredded bits of paper off the floor and try to get enough to either identify which bill it was, or if I am lucky, the bar codes to pay it at 7-11. The clerks no longer laugh when I bring in these scraps of paper. Sometimes they do scan, too. I really need to get a mailbox where the dogs can’t reach it. They probably think they are protecting the house for me. Sweet things…