Abandoned bicycles

Everywhere I look I see clearly abandoned bicycles with no locks on them. What is going on? There should be a place where people can leave their unwanted bicycles so they can be recycled and also reduce the clutter in the streets.

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Believe me, its far better now that it was a couple of years ago when that Rental mob (forgotten their name) were around, the one where you just dumped it where your journey ended and they supposely picked them up. An el-cheapo attempt to compete with YouBike and it failed.

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Only thing you can do is call 1999 and have the city pick it up. Don’t salvage them as you may be charged with theft…


I heard some students move to a different city to study, buy a cheap bike and then leave the bike in that city without lock when they move back home again. Just for anyone to use.

Don’t pick them up and go riding on them.

Yes thats the one, but unlike YouBike they scrimped and didnt build ‘stations’, hence the eyesore that resulted.

There was a similar mob in Australia, Singapore based but I think Indian owned, they failed also after the City started impounding dumped bikes. Trouble is, when they folded they took the deposits of their customers with them as well.

Did anyone got their money returned?

The lost money was for some mob in Australia, I dont know if they had to lodge deposits for oBike in Taiwan.

I think there were deposits and they were lost too in Taiwan.

I am not a 12 year old kid. Lol

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Perhaps people have bought them as a “nice project” to restore and then they’ve gotten bored of no parts fitting them and it sitting next to the radiator drying towels for three years.

If anyone wants a road bike or three, lemme know :smiley:


He said that because there was an expat who got into some legal trouble awhile back for cutting the lock off off a obike and thinking he could just take the seemingly abandoned bike.

Nope. @Taiwan_Luthiers might enlighten you on this one.

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I always thought about leaving a sign saying “I can repair it for free if you don’t want it anymore”. It just makes me feel sad to see those poor abandoned bikes that just have a flat or need some oiling.

I think some are left there to reserve (or maybe prevent) a parking place


Ohh thread?