Abandoned siberian husky needs adoption soon

Hi! My friend Graeme took in a one-year-old neutered male Siberian husky that had been abandoned in his neighborhood. The dog is a normal, friendly and attractive dog in overall good health. He has been cleaned up and given shots etc, but as it’s a stray, of course there are no papers showing it’s breed purity. The trouble is, Graeme isn’t allowed to keep a dog in his building. He has found temporary accomodation for the dog, but it clearly needs a permanent owner or it faces a grim future. Ideally, the new owner would be someone who liked taking it for walks, as this breed of dog is very energetic. If you want more info, or know someone who might, please contact Graeme at gsime70@hotmail.com. He will respond from Canada, where he is visiting his family, and he can also arrange dog meetings when he comes back to Taiwan in late June. Thanks!

He should ask friends and family in Canada if they could adopt the husky. The climate there is more suitable for a husky than Taiwan. And I am sure the husky will be more comfortable and happy.

From what I understand, it is not so difficult or expensive to take a dog to North America.

Many people advertise on this forum if they need an animal to be chaperoned abroad. I am not sure but I think if going to Canada, a pet can be booked as excess baggage.

(Sadly, huskies are no longer fashionable in Taiwan. I am not surprized that he was abandoned. People need to realize that a pet is not a thing that you throw away when you no longer want it. Animals are living beings with thoughts and feelings. Dependent on us humans to take care of them.)