Able to get ARC's while working at an elementary school?

I believe I read somewhere that they “finally” got the green light to have teachers teach in public schools throughout Tiapei. I heard that starting in the fall semester of 2007 more and more public schools will be hiring foreign teachers. I have a friend that works at a public elementary school right now and that school only hires foreigners that already have their ARC’s through marriage.
Has anyone heard if the public schools will be able to provide ARC’s for their foreign teachers once they start this program?

Don’t you have to be a university trained teacher qualified in teaching elementary school students? Not just your one week efl course, but a four year trained teacher in English.

To be legal yes…to get hired, nope

I was offered a senior high job today (full time) and I dont have a completed bachelors degree and I dont have a working ARC only a Student Visa. :astonished: :loco: :astonished:

I was shocked…to say the least. I repeated that I had neither a completed degree or an ARC, they didnt care…the said my Demo was ingenious. :astonished: :blush:

They didn’t care because they’re not the ones who’ll get deported if the FAP find out.

They didn’t care because school has just started and they need a foreign face in the classroom NOW.

To work legally in an elementary school you must have a proper teaching certificate from your home country. Doesn’t need to be for English. I taught Science to high school students and was still able to get an ARC at an elementary school.