Abortion worldwide

Abortion liberalisation law has passed the lower house in Argentina. Since it was introduced by the president, it will probably sail through the Senate and be implemented early next year.

Elsewhere in South America it’s not so easy:

By her uncle

The child told police she had been abused by her uncle since age six and had stayed silent out of fear.

When the girl reached the hospital where the termination was to be performed on Sunday afternoon, its entrance had been occupied by far-right anti-abortion activists and politicians who were filmed hurling abuse at hospital staff and the child, and trying to stop them entering.

Congratulations Argentina

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The posters here would call them baby killers.

Some would. They’d be wrong, in my opinion.

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The bill, which legalises terminations in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, was approved by Argentina’s lower house earlier this month after being put to congress by the country’s leftwing president, Alberto Fernández.
“Safe, legal and free abortion is now law … Today we are a better society,” Fernández celebrated on Twitter after the result was confirmed.

14 weeks is what the leftwing gets you in Argentina these days, I suppose.