Abortions in Taiwan

So many family planning clinicS around. Abortion here is almost normal for most young women. Due the fact they generally don’t take the pill of men doNt wear condoms.

Here, here. A grown woman needs a man’s permission to have medical work done? Sounds like Saudi Arabia.

Progressive euphemisms are a thing of beauty.


Also a grown man needs a woman’s permission to have medical work done. Equality!

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I heard a talk of making women sign up for selective service in the US, you know equality.

I have a cousin who signed up when she was of age. They thought it was odd but she said that nothing said a woman couldn’t sign up and she believed in equal rights and if you have equal rights you have equal responsibilities.

That cousin is now an attorney you probably don’t want to have an argument with.


I would, but we probably wouldn’t have much to argue about.

Is that true to disconnect them? or as you show to remove

Why is it wrong to get consent from the father when you are going to “terminate” their child?

I understand that it opens them to abuse and there needs to be protections for the woman but the core idea makes a lot of sense imo.

when the baby’s biological father is not the spouse, is it reasonable for the baby to be killed by the consent from the legal father?

For the equality of babies created between married couples and unmarried couples, it should be a consent from a biological father, imo, if father’s consent is a requirement. And, father candidate should not refuse DNA test.

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Vasectomy needs permission from wife in Taiwan.

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Abortions are medical procedures where I come from, and also in Taiwan. Coat hangers are for places where they are restricted.

If he’s carrying the baby, his choice over his body should be respected.

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If single, you need to prove you are not married!

Thanks. That’s fucking insane.

My wife didn’t ask my permission to get her tubes tied (she’s Taiwanese, it was in a Taiwan hospital). During the birth of our third child- by cesarean- she just said “While you’re in there…”


Similar situation but with obvious differences… Unmarried foreign woman here. My doctor just had me write “I certify that I am not married,” and then sign my name in order to book a procedure that would otherwise require a husband’s permission.

Lol, when I first told her I wasn’t married, she said, “Oh, that’s very lucky, then! Because otherwise we would have to wait for you to get your husband’s signature.”

Guess I’m just a lucky gal!

I don’t know if your situation got resolved, but perhaps you could pass this on to your doc? Tell him some other foreigner you know just had to do it this way, etc.

Good luck!