About the job and study market

Hello All,

I am a 32 year old mature male student in England on my final year of an English literary bachelors degree, to end in the summer of 2015. My intention after graduating is to come to live in Taiwan at first to teach English and then to study at a university. I’d be grateful if anyone could provide information on the universities, which ones offer scholarships and how I go about trying to enroll (wesbite suggestions would be great!). I also wondered about the criteria of joining and whether it is indeed true that there are scholarships that apply to subjects that do not involve the use of Mandarin (though I am weighing up the option to become a full-time student of Chinese, a probability at some point). However, I did intend to teach first, and by the time I graduate I’ll also attend a month-long CELTA course with the view of strengthening my job potential, though I understand it would be rather reckless to go out to Taiwan ‘blind’, and I should know what sort of teaching jobs are the better type and so on and try to possibly arrange a job beforehand. Does anyone recommend certain type of schools, or companies? More to the point, does anyone particularly warn against others?

Any advice would be gratefully received and I’m very much looking forward to seeing this splendid island next year!



If you want a scholarship to learn Chinese it’s much easier if you already have a basic level of Chinese