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Where can I find information on Internet service at farm outside Hsinpu? (Tech advice questions too.) We’ve been living in the city for a long time so the whole internet at the farm thing is new to us.
Chunghwa MOD gave us a download speed estimate of 6MB which is ridiculous. So I’m looking for reliable DSL Internet service at a higher speed. Here’s a list of my concerns:

  1. If US sports channels are in the mix I won’t complain either ;). I’d like to watch World Cup and NCAA basketball tournaments.
  2. The Internet service through satellite could be an option if its affordable. Anyone have info on this?
  3. We usually watch films both US and foreign so English subtitles would be nice.
  4. Our current network is Apple so I’m thinking of getting an Apple TV to stream films between the iMac and TV in the living room. Signal would travel through dry wall at a distance between iMac and TV of 10m. Do all TV’s play nice with Apple Network? Any sound bar suggestions? I’m thinking AudioEngine or Boze.

Thanks in advance