Absinthe: The green fairy has finally arrived in Taiwan

Finally some original French absinthe to be had, just the way van Gogh, Picasso, Lautrec and Hemingway (and the list goes on…) drank it. Check Brass Monkey, Carnegies, Mod etc. for the hottest drink among absinthe-guzzlers in the UK, La Fee Absinthe. Not bad tasting for a 68% abv drink!

BTW, there’s a Bohemian version too, if you prefer a little bit of fire to it. This is what people usually refer to when they speak about absinthe, however you should give the original a try now that you can… For more info: scanflux.com/en/

I read a book by Hunter Thompson…does that make me “gonzo” ?

BTW, there’s a Bohemian version too, if you prefer a little bit of fire to it. This is what people usually refer to when they speak about absinthe, however you should give the original a try now that you can… For more info: scanflux.com/en/[/quote]


Sorry guys, it wasn’t intended as spam. Just thought someone might be curious, that’s all. And yes, it does contain wormwood…

I’m interested … can you get this in liquor stores, or any Costco-like facsimiles?! The one time I had some absinthe I was too hopped up on … other substances to appreciate it, but I’ve always been curious.

I drank a bottle of that some time ago with a friend. The bottle was from Chocolate and Love. The effects are burnt fingers, lots of sickly green goo on the bar, and a lighter wallet. Absolute rubbish. You’d be better of sniffing Tippex thinner. At least if I’d drunk a bottle of scotch with a mate we’d both have been pished.

correct hexuan!

Iy’s been a while since your post but I feel I must reply… not everybody likes Absinthe and lots of people expect too much of it…they expect to get high or whatever… the thing is that the now legal Absinthe has only 1/3 of the wormwood that it used to have 100 years ago… you would need 5-6 drinks before you feel some effect; it made me see colours more vivid and outlines razor sharp…a few Absinthes later I felt like walking on the moon and taking giant steps… again a few later I started reading people… It definitely did me s’thing…it’s got 70% alcohol and it gets you drunk in a way that you don’t wobble but stand up straight… agreed, it’s not cheap but I have seen people do weird things after 1/2 a bottle… and I can highly recommend making love on Absinthe…

I just don’t believe it.

Victor Meldrew has moved here to Taiwan! :laughing:


Mr. Trebuchet,

You’d better believe it… I don’t lie… do you wanna find out? I’ll give you a deal…

Mr. Frying Scotsman,

Where does your experience come from? Hexuan calls it rubbish and you agree… I don’t… not at all… CHALLENGE… have you ever given it a real shot…?
… (hey, we’re on the same road…)…

Victor Meldrew has moved here to Taiwan! :laughing:


Is Victor a friend? I haven’t had the pleasure…

Seems to me that at 70% alcohol (140 proof) all you’d be feeling is alcohol.

I’ve seen lot’s of weird things done even after a half bottle of eight-ball.

The Thirsty Traveller recently did a show on the stuff on the Travel Channel. He was with some guy that had a few bottles of the 100-year-old stuff. He supposedly had used reverse engineering to come up with the exact original way of making absinthe.

Apparently the whole hallucinating / getting high part is a myth. The substance that cause the high stays behind during distillation.

So, unfortunately not a legal way of getting properly twisted … yet!


It’s pure poison … it’s been outlawed in most European countries for decades … only France allowed it … but now the French absinthe lobby is winning, borders are openen again for the drink to start poisening peoples brains so France can take over Europe … :noway: :wink:

Yeah, Right! Armed with a bottle of Absinth and white flags! :noway:

Haha, nobody ever said it was a health drink…the wormwood extract in it (which has an active ingredient called Thujone, but now only 1/3 of before) will, if drank pure, kill you. The few milligrams per ltr nowadays allowed do not harm you… There are about 10 countries that produce Absinthe now…
I have 7 different ones and 5 of them are disgusting (even the one with gold leaf in it) and 2 have a good taste (but we only sell one sort)
As far as I know it is only illegal still in the USA… 100 years ago France banned it first and other countries followed soon; people were starting to do weird things on Absinthe (like Vincent cutting off his ear for his love) and the autorities were afraid this ‘brain deteriation’ would pass on from one generation to he next…
Personally I think I have only 2 brain cells left… but they are very powerful.

Yeah, with a bit more… it is a common over rated expectation of a high or a trip… after 5-6 I was pretty intoxicated indeed but walked tall and straight feeling I could handle the world (that must have been some form of hallucination, haha) and saw colours more vivid and outlines razor sharp…

It’s always mixed with water; drink it pure and it will burn a hole in your stomach…

If you buy it in Germany at a bar, they light it on fire after adding the sugar. The fire burns off a lot of the alchohol and you are left with sweet tasting burnt water. The guy that said you will walk out with a lighter wallet is most correct, if it is served the same way here, in Taiwan.