AC full of water, use "fan" to drain?

Yo peeps

So my AC unit is FULL of water. I turned it on today, then checked the back of it outside and actually SAW water running down the metal grating.

I cleaned out the drainage hole (which was pretty gnarly…guess with the pollution here things get a lot grosser a lot quicker than back in the US).

So now it has been off about a half hour or so, and of course water is still coming out the drain (but slowly) so I am going to leave it off the rest of the day and see if it dries out, and the only issue was the gunk in the drain.

But my question is, would turning it on the “fan only” setting help it dry quicker, or would it actually retard the process? (I know the dehumidifying setting would clearly retard the process, or well, actually just keep the problem going essentially) but JUST the fan setting, do you think it would help sort of speed things along by getting the water out quicker?


Your drain is clogged because there are probably algea in the pipe … it also can happen when there is an overload of water due to high humidity … you can remedy that by punctering a little hole on top of the drain (hose) close to the airco unit so that it can get some air in …

good idea, thanks!

I woke up yesterday with my entire (tiny) apartment coverd in a quarter inch of water, and water almost pouring out of my AC. I hadn’t thought of a clogged drain pipe.

It’s not always clogged, it can be overloaded with water and sucking a vacuum in the pipe so that the water can’t enter … therefor puncture a tiny hole close to the unit on top of the pipe.

I strongly reccommend you and anybody else to call their shuidien han or general repair guy or the service department of the brand of their AC -Panasonic, Hitachi, Teco- and have them clean/do a general sweep of their AC’s before starting them on for the season. Sometimes, the machines clog from not being used, and fires may occur. Sometimes they won’t start or will not deliver enough cold air, or drain too much power, in which case they may need a reinstallment of the special gas they use or something else.

Confuzious, I’d hate to see you get electrocuted. Please call the shuidien.