Academia Sinica summer internship

Hey all,

I have heard that AS has a summer internship program for foreigners, or something along those lines? I will be in Taiwan on a visitor’s visa starting next week and want to research at AS. I have a bachelor’s degree. I can’t find much information on any summer internship programs on their website - does anyone have more information about it?


Erm, sorry to state the obvious, but it’s winter here now. You mentioned a summer internship, so I’m not trying to be funny or anything. Just saying. :bow:

What’s your degree in?
Each institute has it’s own website, have you also checked those?

There are several international PhD programs running at AS, with a stipend and all, in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and geophysics, I think. But internships (and I guess you mean summer school)? Never heard of them in any of the institutes I worked at. Maybe in individual institutes on a much less formal basis.

The government’s Taiwan Tech Trek Program has internships at Academia Sinica and elsewhere. But it’s open only to overseas Taiwanese (and perhaps overseas Chinese).

Here are the internships available at Academia Sinica in 2009, which should give you an idea of what’s available and who to contact.

Well of course I realise that it is currently winter! I will be staying in Taipei throughout the rest of winter and into the summer. I want to look into working at AS and had heard about summer internships for foreigners. I’m merely just trying to plan ahead.

Yes I’ve heard of those - I feel like I had seen somewhere about summer internship programs for foreigners, but maybe I’m just making it up out of hopefulness. I know I could get a job at AS as a research assistant, but I’m not sure I qualify for a work permit… So I’m trying to figure out another way to work at AS. Thanks for the info, though!

[quote=“Jaboney”]What’s your degree in?
Each institute has it’s own website, have you also checked those?[/quote]
My degree is in Neuroscience. There is no explicit neuroscience institute at AS, so most of my searches involve going through the different life sciences institutes and looking for particular research topics in those institutes that are of interest to me.
I was just wondering if there is a broad program, but I guess not. I’ll look into each of the institutes. Thank you.