Accommodation at NTU's ICLP

Hi! I’ve just been found out i’ll be attending NTU’s ICLP to study Mandarin for two-semesters starting March (2022). I’m looking at my accommodation options atm and want to check if anyone has experience/advice about any of these!

  1. ICLP’s accommodation (Taipei Paradise). I’ve found hardly any reviews about this online, but it’s linked to ICLP and looks decent - if anyone has stayed there can you tell me how sociable/comfortable/worthwhile it is?
  2. Borderless house (which rents rooms in houses with half/half Taiwanese/international students) - I’ve read a little more about this online but if anyone has info about living in one of these houseshares as an international language student it would be super useful.
  3. I haven’t really looked beyond these yet tbh but am open to any other suggestions!

Thanks in advance!!

I met someone who lives in a borderless apartment. She seems to like it and has done so for two years, even though she has a pretty decent paying job here. She does it for the social aspect and ability to practice Chinese all the time. The cost is insane though. I think it was 10k/month for a room with one roommate, 6-8k/month for three roommates (that’s people in your bedroom, to be clear, there are more people in the other rooms in the apartment). Shared bathrooms and showers. I know the cost of rent in Taipei has absolutely skyrocketed these past two years (for literally no understandable reason) but I live in a well insulated rooftop apartment for 20k/month and I have two bedrooms, a tiny (decent by TW standards) kitchen, bathroom, and living room all to myself.

I’ve never done ICLP nor known people who stayed in their provided housing, but it also seems to be about 2x more than you’d pay for a space like that in the Gongguan area.

But landlords here can be a nightmare, so going through your program or borderless could be better for your sanity, even it means roommates and paying significantly more


did you look at the “myroomabroad” site for comparison?

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Hi there,

How did your housing situation work out? Any learnings to share for a prospective ICLP student?