🏩 Accommodation | Inside Taiwan's Love Motels

I once stayed in one for a night, with the wife. It was supposed to be an amorous escapade. There’s this grubby one around the corner from where I live, that states, in no uncertain terms, “NO CAMERAS!” which was a relief, as I’d rather not see myself on Pornhub. I have fetishes, but viewing my paunch and bald pate are not among them.

The place was pretty vile, and the pornography on the TV was bottom of the range.
I doubt I’d do it again, unless under duress.
The bathroom was clean, but the bed? To be honest, I’d rather not be sleeping on a surface where Those Who Came Before Me had been doing their business with prostitutes.

If I recall correctly, the cost was around 1k for the night. This was about ten years ago.

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You think it is easy to get on porn hub do ya?
Dream on :rofl:

I accidentally booked my dad and brother into a love hotel (sharing a room) when they first visited a few years ago and I was fresh-faced and new here. First sign something was amiss was a johnny on the table, which raised some eyebrows. Then when heading out for food hearing a man groaning in pleasure from another room which was a lightbulb moment.

I’ve found even the cheaper ones I’ve been too personally to be fairly decent. No different than a regular hotel room.


Some Love Motels are convenient for families or people with lots of bags in car. Just pull into the garage and the room is right there. No carrying things through a hotel to room.

And let the kids play in the oversized tub.


That’s got to be good for the immune system. Maybe you’ve unwittingly discovered why Taiwan has done so well with coronavirus? :nauseated_face:


Imagine being the person who cleans the bathtubs and bedding in a love motel. That must certainly be a job with lots of nasty surprises. I hope they get paid well, but I doubt it.


Its funny how people somehow assume motels are for sex and hotels are some kind of innocent den of virgins.

1k anight is cheap so of course its nasty for such a place. Generally speaking though, they are a far better value for the money an cleaner than hotels on the mid range (2000-4000). Bigger rooms, private parking, family rooms available, far more experienced staff when it comes to cleaning, better services, usually more snacks etc, they will deliver everything (food, hoes, drugs, whatever), breakfast the works.

Just dont go to the 30 year old ones in the countryside for 1k that have holes in the ceiling and something reflective inside…obviously.

I find the love motels in taiwan WAY better than the ones in japan, thailand, Singapore, malaysia etc. I always go with the wife cause they have character. Hotels are like sterile jails or hospitals. Boring…when family and friends visit, also always them. There seems to be no downside unless sharing a room with a non romantic room mate. Glass walled bathrooms are not cool when bunking with mom! But they uusaly have family rooms.


Uni was in the middle of the CBD; took the train in
At peak hours it was very hard to find a decent place to sit

Just sue them and cut a licensing deal. Win win

Never understood the glass-walls thing. Do people really find that watching your partner take a dump adds to the experience?

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Maybe it’s to make sure your alliance isn’t taking drugs in there

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I stayed in a love hotel once because it was the only hotel nearby to where the girl I was dating at the time lived. We couldn’t stay at her place because it was company accommodation, and no guests could stay past 11PM. They let us choose a theme, and because we thought it was funny, we chose the high school classroom. It was actually the best hotel experience I’ve ever had :wink:


Maybe it’s for mothers keeping an eye on their toddlers while taking a shower? :thinking:

You can watch (adult) TV in the bath. :wink:

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It’s one way to find out if she is who she says she is

Erm … it’s a bit late to be discovering things like that, innit?

So you’re saying if you found out she was lying, you would still commit? I admire you, Sir!


If you’ve already paid for the room then I think it’s fair enough to overlook a Bangkok surprise.