Accommodations along the east coast of Taiwan

I’m planning on bicycling the east coast. The LP guide book doesn’t have any info at all on on towns between Hualien and Taidung. Are there any hotels along the way I can stay at?

you doing the rift valley or the coast road?

I’m sure there will be kind of upscale homestay places; ‘minsu’. For that you’d have to do an internet search in Chinese or get someone to help you with it. These can be great places to stay and not too expensive but make sure whoever phones to make the booking asks a few searching questions to make sure of what the facilities are and that the place sounds OK.

I will be biking the coastal road.

But dont know if you want a hotel or hostel. if you are interested in the info, email me and I will dig it

I went to Taitung 2 weekends ago, GORGEOUS riding along the coast.

You will love it!

If you go biking along the coastal road from Hualian to Taidong,the “minsu” will be less than the rift valley.But I believe that they are both beautiful.If possible,you can go by the coastal road and back by the rift valley.It’s worthy to do that!

The tourist office in taipei has a small booklette with the numbers and addresses of all, or most of the campsites and RV parks in Taiwan. It’s all in Chinese but it’s not that hard to figure out.

There are also a couple good magazines on B&B’s along the east coast. There are some really cool places. Houses built out of driftwood and shale. Places overlooking the ocean. Quite stunning.

Also, don’t forget to visit the various tourist offices as you make your way down. There’s lot’s of information in English now.

There are two excellent B&Bs along the east coast in Hualien.Here is the website,but it’s in Chinese.[]( like those both because the owners are very affable and the environment is natural and beautiful.)

There’s a great place called “Huting”, south of Hualien, right off the beach.
Look for a funky sign along the highway, and there’s a small, paved road
which winds down to the complex. A few cabins there with communal
shower, and a restaurant too. Very nice, quiet, secluded place. Phone
numbers from the business card: 03-8601400 and 03-8521875. If anyone
wants the business card from “Huting”, I can e-mail the image to you.

Those sunrise photos are beautiful.

The other photos;
are very nice as well.