According to popular YouTube vlogger China's golden age is over for foreigners

You mean laowhy86/serpentza or the white CCP folks?

I don’t trust any of them to be honest. Will make my own assessments.


Not that I disagree with the Taiwan-related content, but this guy is just shilling t-shirts and VPNs. He did a conspiracy video about how China created COVID in a lab because he read it on a Chinese blog. This theory has been debunked and he shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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They were both inside china for around 10 years. That’s not touristy. As for being outsiders, yeah foreigners will always be outsiders what’s your point?

They have both had jobs and started businesses there, had interference from the govt and C-milks father in law is an actual party member, watch his wedding video for some real weirdness.

What are you expecting? CIA spy videos or something? They have enough experience to speak on china. If you don’t like them, fair enough, I don’t like winstons insistence on referring to himself as british.


Here’s the video, and here’s a video debunking it.

Firstly, did he actually say it was created in the lab? as far as i know he said it was leaked from the lab. Those are pretty different things.

Secondly, the guy in the second video says that C-milk basically had no evidence to say the virus actually was leaked from the lab, and made a few leaps to get to that conclusion. In reality the chinese guy he was getting his info from said was possible and plausible and probable that it was.

So for me, that actually debunks nothing. While C-milk might have embellished the actual evidence, anyone familiar with how china operates should know that there’s never going to be any evidence in the first place, and “possible, plausible and possible” is actually pretty solid.

Just a reminder: we still don’t know the origin of the virus.

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Great point mate! a full investigation into the origins of the virus is what we need, can’t believe nobody thought of that yet! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

And yet strangely you won’t find much talk in the media about the fact we still don’t know where the virus came from. The official line (it couldn’t have been the result of a lab accident) is supported by about as much evidence as Trump’s election fraud claims.

You are not going to get your evidence and investigation, we all know by now. so make your own mind up.

The truth is, the virus came from china and spread because of the country’s negligence, lies and self serving government. No further discussion needed. Lets take this information and do something with it to make sure this does not happen again.


Hey remember back in 2004 when a SARS virus (closely related to Covid-19) stored at the Chinese Institute of Virology in Beijing leaked from their lab.

Twice. :man_shrugging:!po=75.0000

To be fair, Wuhan has a “level 4 lab” compared to the Beijing “Level 2 lab”. Also the Titanic is unsinkable.

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Even if it doesn’t happen, holding China accountable starts at continuing to demand an investigation into the origin.

Whether this has a natural origin or escaped from a lab makes a huge difference in terms of preventing the next bug out of China.

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The reaction to the virus is what caused the spread. And that is what the CCP should be held accountable for.

The origin makes little difference. Have you not seen that after everything that has happened china are STILL lying about this ? what makes you think the CCP would behave differently and prevent this from happening again? when the stakes are so high how could we afford to think such a way? thats a LOT of a gamble.

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Don’t know why it’s so hard for you to understand this.

If the virus escaped from a lab, it would be ideal to know. One of the biggest reasons is that responsible nations could take action to totally isolate China’s research apparatus in this area. Historically, we’ve actually funded some of this shit. They use Western equipment that could be cut off via sanctions, etc. And then there might be legal/financial recourse.

If the virus didn’t escape from a lab, it would be ideal to know that too. If we could discover where it came from and how it jumped species, we might be able to better respond to a future outbreak. If not by getting the CCP to change its ways, by improving our surveillance capabilities and cutting off China from travel at the first sign of a situation in the future.

By not even pressing for an investigation and pretending that we know for sure this had a natural origin, the world is giving the CCP a pass.


Here it may be useful to recall that the authorities in Taiwan did not give the CCP a pass. They instead disregarded what they (and the WHO) were saying, and relied on big data analysis (among other things) to figure out that something serious was happening.

Keep in mind this is almost certainly not the last time we’ll be dealing with this kind of crisis…



Ok i’m putting you on mute, enough ignorance is enough.

“it would be ideal to know”

This is a fantasy. Pressing for an investigation? And then what? Do the you not know the official line from the CCP is that the virus is from america. Are you happy with this answer? Because its the answer that you are going to get from an investigation.

The world is giving them a pass because we are still coupled with them, not because we don’t have 100% facts on where it was leaked from. And finding that out won’t change anything. But more importantly, we can’t find it out even if we want to.

Guy is right, the whole world should have acted how taiwan did. Ignore the lies and official word from china/ WHO and make up your own mind.

If you’re this easily triggered, the CCP is the least of your worries.

I’m not interesting in watching this wack job China freak video. But someone might be.

Much more coherent and enjoyable to watch than the other ramblers. Thanks.

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VisualPolitik giving a crack at analyzing the current cross-strait tension.