Acknowledgement of half-foreign child born abroad out of wedlock

Hi there I just want some advice from all of you please.
My bf is Taiwanese and Im not;we have a child and I gave birth here in my country, as all of you know a child need a birth certificate and it needs a father in there and because we’re in a different country my baby need an acknowledgement in Taiwan. Please give some advice on what to do because she’ll be a month old this month and it need to register it before that, because it will be hard for her in the future if she will be late register.
P.S. my country has a rule to register the birth certificate of a baby before she/he will be a month old.
P.S.S. My bf and I are not yet married in both countries.

welcome @Xeirah,

it may help people to know what county you are in and will register the child.
also is the farther there with you?

This page might help.

What are the requirements and procedure in applying ROC Passport(First Timer)?

If the father is an R.O.C. (Taiwan) national while the mother is a foreigner, the father must first accomplish an acknowledgement record (if the father has household registration in Taiwan, he will need to submit the birth certificate and the mother’s certificate of no marriage-CENOMAR and other relevant documents to the household registration office in Taiwan to register the acknowledgement. Regarding the details of this matter, please consult the household registration office where the father has household registration), only then the child may qualify to possess R.O.C. (Taiwan) nationality and apply for the passport.

If baby’s father reads mandarin, here is how to acknowledge.


Wait, the father is a national without household registration?

Article 1065–1070 of Civil Code are on the acknowledgment by father. I’ll check the law later.

I’m from Philippines and the father is in Taiwan

Thank you and he have a household reg.

it makes things much simpler than he doesn’t have it.

Does he needs my birth certificate? Can I just take a picture of it and send to him?

You need to prepare for him at least your baby’s birth certificate and your certificate of no marriage-CENOMAR. Those documents should be authenticated by TECO.

it would be better that he will ask it to HHR office. If he needs it, you should get it authenticated by TECO too.




The above documents should be translated in Chinese, and the translated ones also need to be authenticated by TECO.

From Taipei city government site:


How do parents of a child born out of wedlock to a foreign national mother and ROC national father file the child’s household registration? How does the biological father file for paternity?


Is the birth certificate of your baby the one issued from the hospital? Then, I think it is under the category of the other documents. Or is it issued by PSA? Then it needs to be authenticated by DFA before submitted to TECO, and the instruction page says parents’ passports are required.

Does the father can visit Philippine to help the procedure?

Notice For Documents Authentication


Requirements for (PSA) birth certificate authentication

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Please do consider protections for you and your child, to avoid the father taking the child to Taiwan and you not being able to get your baby back. If you are not married, do not take the baby to Taiwan. The father under Taiwan law has no obligation to alimony and even if the judges rule for it, they can avoid it very easily.

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Just to make it clear, the acknowledgement written on the backside of baby’s birth document (hospital’s birth certificate) is not enough, and you need an official acknowledgement registered to his household registration, is this right?

The instruction page for authentication says they need 3 weeks to authenticate CENOMAR and there is no expedition. If you have not got the document yet, your baby might need a delayed registration of birth.

Yes, I think? Because my baby cant use his surname here unless the government in there acknowledgement my baby.

Is that so? Thank you its a very important advice.