Acquaintances posting your pictures on FB

Sometimes I go out with some friends and their lady friends and acquaintances. The girls take tons of pictures of the food that we order in the restaurants, the poses that they make, selfies, some acquaintances (that I barely know) like to hug me and ask someone else to take our pictures. That is alright. BUT these lady acquaintances end up posting these pictures in the FB mentioning me as their new BF. This is not cool. I have asked my friends to tell them to delete or clarify the situation and my friends just want me to go along with the “joke” because these girls just want to boast the fact that they have gotten a foreign BF. I really don’t want to be used like that. Now I avoid women and their cellphones/cameras like rash. Why do they need to lie like that? They could just buy themselves a plane ticket, go abroad and take tons of pictures with them kissing the foreign guys for all I care. :fume:

Tell them if they want to use your photo that way, they need to put out first. That should get most women to shun you.