Activities for people to join

I am holding two activities in June for our friends who are coming from different countries. Just wondering if anyone is interested in these.
One is going to KTV, and the other one is making the rice dumpling since the dragan boat Festival is coming. (sorry for my bad english)
Everyone is welcome to join us.

I’m in for the rice dumping. Where do we dump it? In the Tamsui River?

I love to but may I know when and where? Thanks!

For monkey
Well, sorry for the mis-typing. I wasn’t mean to do it…I meant “rice dumpling”. but there no mistake, too. Before, people make rice dumpling and throw into the river. you can check the history, that’s why we started to make rice dumpling. (For saving a guy who named “Qu Yuan”) Wrong typing but right meaning. But this trandition isn’t exist anymore, so, sorry, no “dumping” rice “dumpling” into the river anymore.

It might be hold in the weekend in Taipei. But not this coming weekend, and I don’t think will be next week (the dragon boat festival, because my friends will be all gone in that weekend, so no other chinese people will stay here with me) So, it would be in the next week of the fesitival (maybe June 22th). Maybe it’s kind of late, but, well…just for fun. And about where to hold it, be honest, no idea. Still looking for a place, if cannot find any, maybe will hold in the top floor of my place, and it will be around Shi Da. Well, anyway, Looking for someone to “free rent” us their place…

There will be 2 activities (making rice dumpling and playing marjian) at the same day on June 22th, Saturday afternoon. Anyone who want to join is welcome~ will be hold around ShiDa. My friend is handling this now, about the detail…I have to ask again.