Actor in TV show here

The Taipei Times today had a story about some foreigners who will be singing the national anthem tomorrow with Abian for NY’s Day.

Among them was mentioned: TV actor Terry Hornsby, an American from Indiana, said he considered singing the anthem and considered it a song of praise. “When I sing [the anthem], I want to be lively and sing from my heart. It is a song of praise to the nation – I love Taiwan!” said Hornsby, an actor who appears locally in an English-language children’s program in Taipei. Hornsby has been married for two years to his Taiwanese wife, Lee Ho-yin. “I still have trouble with zong' and cong’ … these two sounds confuse me a lot,” Hornsby said. When asked by reporters if he understood the meaning of the anthem, Hornsby answered: “You tell me!” … 2003217406

Just curious. What show is it that he appears on, what channel. I don’t think I ever saw it. Anybody know?

Is this him? [Page is NSFW I have been informed.]

Can’t be many Terry Hornsby’s in Tapei. That page is :nsfw: containing a picture of his arse crack, or his wang, chosen at random
Not sure who’s worse, him or Jeffu, at least he seems to have a personallity

At least Jeffu’s made an effort to learn the language. Another guy who’s lived here for years and can’t speak the language just plays into the stereotype. Think of this guy the next time you go to a 7-Eleven and the clerks go huddle in the back after failing to even try sign language to deal with the person they assume to be a non-Chinese-speaking foreigner.

/bad mood