Ad edit time limit?

Hi Admin,

Placed an ad. Planned to update the status of each item as they sell. Helpful for everyone. Well, in the beginning, that was working great. Then today (1-2 days later), I go to the ad, and notice that I can no longer edit my own ad. The entire edit icon is gone (yes, I’m logged in).

The ad edit method was working great, but now I’m in a bit of a jam, because I said I’d update it, and started updating it, so readers will expect status, but now I can’t provide it. Only fix from my end is to delete the ad, which I don’t want to do for obvious reasons.

  1. Is there some time limit for ad editing?

  2. If yes, can you (Admin) reset it or lengthen it to the same as the entire ad’s lifetime? Either globally, or just this one time for my ad until I’m done with this project?



Unfortunately it’s only possible to change this globally. Sometimes we get malicious deletion which changes the character of threads and renders them unusable, and is time-consuming to correct. There’s no perfect answer to this, and we could go a couple of different ways, but as far as the ads go, I don’t think it should be a problem–how about posting an update? That would seem to reflect any changes adequately.

Hi TG,

Posting an update in what way? Do you mean just reply to my own ad with more info? I thought of that, but I’m concerned that people will read the ad and not the replies / comments, and so the update won’t be effective.

I could use suggestions.



Yes, reply in the thread. I could edit the OP to advise people to check updates below, if you like.

Option 1: Global change – are you saying we can’t do that because it would leave the door open to terrorists, rabbit abusers, and other various evil doers? :wink:

Option 2: Reply to my own thread + you edit OP: If # 1 is impossible, then OK, I’ll do #2. If so, please mention that their will be multiple replies, each an update.


Yes, and especially cat picture re-sizers.

Hahahaha. OK, we’ll go with Option 2. How about this as the OP text update, to go at the very top, replacing my current update date/time:

(( Real-time updates are not possible within the body of the ad. Updates will still be done, but as replies to the ad. Please check replies from Kido for the latest info on items sold, price reductions, etc. Thanks! ))

TG, will that work?


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