Adapter for Taiwan AC outlet to European style plug - 旅遊 轉接頭

Taiwan uses 110 voltage. I have electronic devices that plug into 220 voltage. Where can I obtain the converter? Poya always has it? What’s the Chinese word for this?

Depends what you mean.

Are you just looking for an adapter plug that allows you to plug a device with say UK plug into a Taiwan wall socket?
Do you wish to convert 110v to 220v.

The adaptors can be bought in Convenience Stores. Boosting the voltage would be much more expensive.

The former. I am not sure what you mean by “OR Do you wish to convert”, but the former is what I am looking for.

As you walk in, they are round the back of the shelf directly in front of the tills.
The tall woman there with glasses, speaks good English.

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She speaks English, but just in case no one speaks English… What is Chinese word for this?

Do you have outlets for 220 for dryers, AC units, or other large appliance?

You may plug your 220 device into those. No transformers needed. In fact you really do not want to step up to 220 because it will demand a lot of current out of the 110 and if the appliance is anything like hair dryers, it will overload the 110.

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What I mean is I want to plug this onto Taiwanese electric wall.

This says

Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 0.3A
Output: 12VDC, 1.0A

You won’t need a transformer for that. Just an adapter. Take it into the store I posted above and show them. They will sort it out.


you can try 旅遊 轉接頭

but i normally just show them the photo


Your adapter (the one in the picture) already works here, unless the Frequency here is out of that range (50-60Hz).

You just need a plug adapter:


You can find these things in different shops, I would try the closest 100 dollar shop, although some convenience stores may have it, and any shop in the area @cake linked will have them too.