Add value to Far East Tone prepaid IF card outside of Taiwan?

Hello Everyone,

I have a question that I have yet to discover an answer for. My IF card through Far East Tone will expire this month and I will not be able to return to Taiwan before the expiry date. Does anyone know if I can add money to it through their website? I wasn’t able to find anything from their English site, but perhaps there’s something on the Chinese side of things? If anyone could give me any advice I’d certainly appreciate it. Granted, it’s just a phone number, but I’ve had it for a few years now and I’d like to be able to continue keeping it active if at all possible.

Thanks so much, Greg

You can add money through their app.

Yes, but to use their app, I need to receive an SMS code from them. Obviously this cannot happen outside of Taiwan since there prepaid service only works there.

Have you tried calling their customer service?

Have a friend go to a Far East store and pay the minimum NT$100 to top-up.