Addictive online geography game




Great game, thanks! Just played against two of my brothers, but one is too good and the other one claims he’s only losing 'cause his screen is too small. :wink:

I thought I did good, but the results say that my average kilometres off was 668. :blush:

And that was by far the best game I had.

Too blond.

Just had a lucky round, even got Tainan.

So had 5216 score and avg. km off was 204.

My personal record is now 22 600 km off.
I think I also have problems with clicking cause even Tallinn and Taipei are 40km off. :s
Canada, the US and Russia are also way too big. I usually get one answer 3000 km off in one of those three. :blush:

My personal best is 6,423 with ave km off 101.
I’d really like to get an ave of under 100 km off, but try as I might…

Those huge countries (Russia, Canada, Brazil, etc) and the former Soviet states - as well as some of the west African countries - always trip me up!