Addictive Taiwanese Foods

Anybody have any Taiwanese foods that you have slowly (or quickly) become addicted to?

My personal favorites are:
Traditional douhua with peanuts
doufu gan and haidai
Chinese sausages (when they are done right)
Lately I have also been on a kick with the mango shuang/mango coconut shakes. The stands are starting to appear everywhere. There is a famous one in Shilin and the big hong kong chain has opened up branches in the Hsimending b[/b] and Donghua b[/b] Jie markets.
My absolute favorite has to be stir fried doumiao.

Fan twan (how’s the pinyin?)

Those deep fried rice sausages you get at the tienbula stalls, but ONLY when they’re chopped up BEFORE, not AFTER they’re dropped into the ancient, black carcinogenic oil.

And Kaoliang sausages with raw garlic cloves…

UM, Dou Hua with Peanuts… Yum…

Can’t do that Kong Rou though :shock:

Edited to add the most addictive Taiwan snack…ZHEN ZHU NAI CHA@!!!

Fan tuans for sure; dan bing; pearl milk tea isn’t a food, but it sure tastes 'licious (and I just read in a health magazine its full of calories).

i just can’t resist the sausages. just catching a whiff makes me hungry. and the raw garlic…mmm. of course the deluxe version is the dua deung(rice sausage…in taiwanese it just means big intestine…sounds tasty, eh?) split down the middle with a sausage smooshed in there along with some pieces of raw garlic and some parsley. throw some soy paste and some sweet chili sauce in there and it’s a party in your mouth! :smiley:

i also can’t resist ai yu. not sure why. it’s not like it has any taste, really(except for the lime and sugar they add to it). but i get at least 2 cups a day. and it’s much healthier than drinking bubble tea all the time. :slight_smile:

[color=brown]Chou Doufu![/color]

[color=orange]Hot Douhua with a Youtiao in the winter, Cold Douhua with peanuts in the summer[/color]
[color=olive]Barbecued Squidsicles[/color]
[color=red]The crunchy little birds on a stick (haven’t had one in a loooong time, but I used to eat them often.)[/color]
[color=yellow]Sunflower seeds[/color]

wasabi peanuts
shabu shabu

are those taiwanese or japanese?
or taiwanese japanese?

How about fried oysters and fried squid balls (both only when they’re done right.

Also, sweet potatoe fries.

Anybody else addicted to Assam milk tea? I have had that one since my first week here.

Once I get started eating those “peanuts roasted in mud” I can’t stop.

Fried little fishies with black bean, radish, chilli and peanuts.

“lo-bah” … my mother in law makes this and we eat it with rice. I can never get it quite like hers.

barbecued chicken hearts.


Anybody else addicted to Assam milk tea? I have had that one since my first week here.

Yep, me. Also like the “Teh Tarik” from 7-11 for breakfast …

Unfortunately I can’t really get friend with any of the local food, too different from the Chinese food I am used to (while staying in Malaysia) - something here is missing …
In fact - and no offense intended - I don’t like the typical Taiwanese food at all.

I can’t possibly drink enough “Cha Li Wang” - The Japanese style green tea, though, not the other flavors (especially not the British-style black tea Cha Li Wang - bleah!) I live on it. Unfortunately, it has less that 300 ppm caffeine, so that means I have to alternate between that and Starbucks coffee of the day.


love those little snails you suck out of the shell. don’t eat em anymore though, they aren’t suppoosed to be safe.

the little fish with the peppers are my favorite too.

Fried or BBQ’d chicken arses on a stick!

Oyster noodles with intestins. Has this nice shitty smell. Love it! :smiley:

It’s generally known that chinese eat anything that …

Is flying … and isn’t a plane
Has legs … and isn’t a table
Is in the water … and isn’t a boat

Guo tie and hot and sour soup.

When I left Taiwan the first time, I missed dou jiang and dan bing the most. It is the best drunk food I have found, with a xiao bing you tiao to dip in the dou jiang.

I also love a good bing in the summer, with apple, banana, and sweetened condensed milk.

Taiwan Draft Beer goes well with outdoor seafood, a la Bi Tan, for some reason.

i had something that translates as “coffin” in hualien. supposedly there are people at shilin night market selling them to. unfortunately there is nothing in taiwan that can make me go back to shilin n.m., but i’m always up for a weekend jaunt down the east coast.

Jiu rang tang yuen. It is winter so I guess it is Tang Yuen season again.

You tiao Xiao bing is also really good here.

The strangest is niu rou mien. I don’t know why I miss it when I leave Taiwan…