Adenture Racing / Marathons / Sporting Events

Does anyone know where I can get some information about Adventure Racing? I saw on tv a race similiar to the EcoChallenge. Does anyone know if they will have another one this yr or will the event take place in a different country?

Also interested in info on Marathons. Do they have those here? I don’t see runners in the morning, so if there were joggers … where would they jog?

Good news I found out there was a Regatta in FuLong Beach. Haven’t checked it out yet. :sunglasses:

If you’re interested in Ecotourism (in english) … heres a company in taiwan.

This company is doing something in Kenting

The adventure race that was on TV yesterday was organized by Action Asia magazine. Perhaps you could check out their website; I think it is

Anyone want to go down to KenTing to volunteer for Seyonasia?? They provide accomodationss and food and it takes place on the last weekend of Sept. Would anybody else be intersted?

My grandmother used to be quite the denture racer herself.

HAHA I totally missed that!

Roseha, you missed the regattat in Fulung. It happens every year. There’s something similar at Hualian 12-14 September but I don’t have any details.

You saw the thread about adventure sports tourism?

I think people run/jog along the rivers in Taipei.

How do i find out about the events at the regatta?? Is there a website or a schedule out there?

No idea. My contact is out of the country 'til next week.

As it’s a sailing thing you might try and contact the sailing association.

Or try and track down David Frazier at the Taipei Times, if he’s still there. He used to cover this kind of event. … /28/196310